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Best to listen with multiple satellite speakers plus subwoofer and not single speaker on laptop/tablet/phone. You can’t hear balance from all the instruments, plus you will get the monotone sound of an old A.M. Radio, maybe that’s what you like. To each his/her own taste in music is what it’s all about..

 If country is your favorite & only music, then this one is not for you. As a youngster, this video represents one of my favorite versions of “Soul Sacrifice” by Santana.

   It was my introduction to Latin Rock music which I went out and bought “Abraxas” album in 1970 before buying the “Santana” album which came out in 1969. Also bought the 3rd released album in 1971 before getting burned out of Latin rock. But still I see Carlos Santana’s playing style, living on in other younger musicians, noticing similar guitar sounds & licks along with playing style, somewhere, within different stanzas.. Luckily, recently I found such band who is so versatile they have the ability to appeal to different demographic areas and audiences around the nation. Here is a group using Conga drums and similar lead guitar sound & style kind of like Santana, near the end of the set. Found “String Cheese Incident” refreshing new music to me & my ears with a touch of old style sound. The older white haired guy founded the group & his back-ground in music was Folk & Blue Grass. Apparently, he developed along the way with his acoustic guitar from somewhere around Pagosa Springs, CO..

 Here’s “Texas”- Live at Electric Forest 2015:

 If your taste is centered around UK/Irish Heritage music like “River Dance”, well this is not quite like River Dance, but it does has an old Irish/Scottish flare to it..

 ”Bolly Munster”- Live in Bolder, CO.2014

 I hope “someone” enjoyed these cuts. Songs Stuck in my Head..

Its 5 O’clock Somewhere, kick back & relax a bit..Have a cool one or two..

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