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With so many groups today, its difficult to find anything worth listening to... or so it seems..Since I don't keep up with group names or title of songs.. With that said, after working to make a living for so long, you loose touch with the music you grew up with and I realize that I have forgotten more than I remember that were Good/Great... Sometimes just going through my old LPs. Helps to remember other great cuts off some other albums... Here are some I stumbled upon.

How about sharing some of your favorites or those bizarre/different musical cuts during any time period. Any Type/Style...Doesn't matter, something you liked or you thought was unique, clever, new sound, even spiffy woopty- doo....Bring it On..

Traffic - Low Spark of High Heel Boys - Steve Windwood

Here's one group I completely forgot Totally, but gave it a Listen to refresh how good these guys were.. during their hay-day of popularity...

The Chamber Brothers: Time Has Come Today: (Caution: Don't have any Flash Backs watching this Video)

As with most of my old music, they build up slowly to develop. So you may have to listen to the whole thing to appreciate it or not... 







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dilligaff posted:

Send Me Some Loving------ Little Richard

anything by Dina Washington , LaVern Baker,The Drifters


Hope you don't mind if I add some Links:

And, Thanks to Youtube..

Little Richard:

Send me some loving: (hope this was the version you remembered)

 Whole lot of Shaking going on:

  Dina Washington: (Best of album)

 LaVern Baker - Tweedle Dee

 Drifters: Up on the Roof:

Soundtrack from the The Big Chill.

For example

More here -


For years, I thought this was the song that was cut at either Fame or MS Sound Studios. MS Horns doing the instrumental section. May have been wrong song. One of the Best song on album.

  Funny story, one night a friend of mine told several of us guys, he saw a guy that looked Just Like Mick Jagger at the convenience store in M.Shoals. After we all had a belly laugh and told him he was crazy!!. Few days later, found out Stones were in town doing a recording session (Sticky Fingers)… We were all shocked, considering the source we heard it from. He had the next laugh listening to us apologize for calling him crazy.

 Can’t you Hear me Knocking:

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