Misc. pics taken around my yard.


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More great pics, I just got a Sony Alpha DSLR but sure cant take photos like that yet.........I hope to though.
Thanks for the photos -- especially the hummingbird photos. I guess hummingbirds have either already started to migrate for the winter, or are about to start migrating.
Originally posted by bamaramma:
AWESOME PHOTOS!!!! what type camera do you have? What were the settings?

Sorry for the delay in the response. I have a Canon Rebel xti digi SLR and a Sony digi point and shoot. I used an 70-300 zoom on some of these pics with the auto setting and on the beetle pics I used my Sony, course I used a little cropping and zooming... thanks for the comments !!
Wonderful pictures! I love the bird pictures and the dog too!

I'm hoping to get a better camera soon. I definitely want a digital camera but I want one that you can change lenses on...just a little pricey for my pocket book right now!

Keep sharing your work with us, please??

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