On or around 4/21/04 I wrote a brief piece about what I would do my first 100 days in office when elected president.

I have a vision and a future for America!

Our long, national nightmare should be over soon!

During my first 100 days as president, for the purpose of securing our nation's infrastructure and independence, I would write executive orders requiring United States businesses to limit overseas production and sales of any material or product to 40% and to return their manufacturing base to the USA. I would instruct the IRS and the Treasury to revoke all tax incentives to corporations that ‘outsource,’ and to create incentives for domestic production. I would baseline and reform the personal income tax structure by starting taxation at $75k with a 5% rate, and triple the deductions for marriage, children and elderly dependents. The wealthy – income or net value over $250k and $1M - would pay 25%. Corporate taxes would be doubled. Next, I would require alternative fuel use by all federal agencies in their vehicles, solar power in all federal buildings, incentives for solar use in private homes, mandate fuel oil use in all commercial vehicles to be vegetable sourced (which would help America’s farmers), and mandate national recycling of all materials, including wood. Next, I would require capturing natural gas generated by decomposition in landfills. I would require the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to begin creating electricity-generating breeder reactors in largely uninhabited areas that are not wildlife refuges or sanctuaries, and would begin construction of a coast-to-coast high-speed magnetic levitation train network.

I would also triple the pay for all military and Coast Guard personnel, and create service incentives by forgiving all federal taxes forever on any monies and interest earned through service to our nation by new enlistees. I would also create a National Service Corps by joining all other organizations of that type under the NSC. I would then require all high school graduates to serve at least two years with the NSC doing whatever they’re best at doing, and would require them to be paid a minimum of $15/hr with benefits, and provide for two years of scholarship on a year-for-year basis of service, to any trade school, community college or university here in the USA. I would also grant tax incentives to businesses that hire those individuals. I would grant tax incentives to businesses that want to sell goods or services to the federal government in partial lieu of outright and full payment. The NSC participant’s service should primarily benefit the reinforcement and creation of infrastructure at the federal, state or local level. And, I would raise the federal minimum wage to $10/hr.

I would return our money to the gold standard and would invest in updating our national infrastructure through widening all federally funded highways to alleviate congestion in metropolitan and urban areas and increase access in rural areas, would update the electricity grid, establish higher standards for water, air and food purity and permit unlimited corporate liability for violations that resulted in even one death. I would eliminate the speed limits on stretches of interstate highway that are mostly flat and in rural areas. However, a federal driver license or endorsement would be required to operate at unlimited speeds. Automobiles would also be required to significantly increase safety in collisions, and must have emergency kits which would include blankets, non-perishable food, flares, and be equipped with emergency beacons. I would require the Federal Reserve to double or triple the rate at which they charge corporations, and would require them to cut in half the rate at which they lend to families desiring to build homes.

I would allow all citizens to have the option of joining a health care plan like our congress has, and would make incentives for pharmaceutical companies to sell their medicines at significantly reduced cost. Every citizen in the USA would be covered under some type of health care insurance, either privately or through the Department of Health and Human Services. I would create an executive level office of Chief Nursing Officer and would permit nurse practitioners full scope of practice.

I would permit anyone not a citizen a limited 3-month visa for the purposes of education, business start-up or recreation. Visas could be expedited for nationalization after 2 extensions of the 3-month period if their nationalization would serve the interests and benefits of the USA.

As well, I would jump-start the Mid East peace process with Israelis and Arabs, meet with presidents of other nations in Geneva for an international peace treaty and require all nations to be unfettered in UN weapons access. I would create and participate in an international dispute resolution office that would serve to reconcile differences between people groups, and people groups and governments.

Government offices, including courts, would be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - which would permit more responsiveness and expedited service to the public. I would also mandate a 30-hour workweek with six weeks paid vacation as the minimum standard for any company to honor if they do business with the federal government.

The Social Security trust fund would be off limits for any purpose except Social Security, and Medicare and Medicaid funds would similarly be off-limits. They would be funded through current methods and medical taxes on medical service providers, manufacturers, and other corporate entities in the healthcare field. I would permit limited investment (40% max) in private sector fiduciaries for retirement purposes and would grant tax incentives to those companies that would teach investment principles and give financial guidance for retirement investment. I would also limit royalties, commissions or management fees on the investments to 1% of the total funds invested or managed.

I would eliminate the federal death penalty in lieu of life in prison without the possibility of parole, and would require all prisons to be self-sustaining and impenetrable. I would also eliminate enforcement of laws against currently illicit drugs and would allow them to be cultivated and sold with appropriate federal oversight and taxation. I would invest in mental health care and prevention of domestic violence through community-based offices and services that would be integrated in government service offices, law enforcement offices, medical clinics and hospitals, emergency responders, schools and private businesses.

The intelligence agencies of the USA – in joint cooperation with other international agencies - would be actively involved in gathering and eliminating violence prone groups, and the Justice Department and FBI would be more actively involved in eradicating organized crime, solving currently unsolved crimes. The Immigration and the Nationalization Service and Border Patrol would be doubled at our borders, ports of entry and involved in interdiction of weapons, illegal aliens or undocumented duty goods.

Our space agency and national laboratories would be aggressively involved in research of all types including environmental, energy, physics, medical and space travel and research that would benefit all humanity.

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