NAACP issues state travel warning over Missouri ‘Jim Crow’ bill

The NAACP has put out its first-ever travel warning for a state over legislation recently signed by Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens that stiffens requirements for filing discrimination lawsuits.

The advisory tells travelers to exercise “extreme caution” in Missouri because they could be subject to “discrimination and harassment,” CBS News reported.

The warning cited data indicating higher traffic stop rates for black drivers in Missouri and the recently passed Senate Bill 43, which requires alleged victims of religious, gender or racial discrimination to prove it is the “motivating” factor.

The governor told a local Fox affiliate that SB43 was a “really important bill.”

“What SB43 did was it brought Missouri standards in line with the Federal Government and 38 other states, so now Missouri is using the same standards that are used to analyze claims under the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” Mr. Greitens said.

But attorney Nimrod Chapel Jr., president of the NAACP in Missouri, said the bill legalizes discrimination. He calls it the “Jim Crow bill,” telling CBS News that “in the eyes of the NAACP, that’s what it was breathing life into.”

“You have violations of civil rights that are happening to people,” Mr. Chapel told the Kansas City Star. “They’re being pulled over because of their skin color, they’re being beaten up or killed. We are hearing complaints at a rate we haven’t heard before.”

The advisory, adopted last week during the NAACP national conference in Baltimore, will be sent to the national board for ratification in October.

“The advisory is for people to be aware, and warn their families and friends and co-workers of what could happen in Missouri,” Mr. Chapel said. “People need to be ready, whether it’s bringing bail money with them, or letting relatives know they are traveling through the state.”

The governor said he hasn’t seen the travel warning but looks forward to continue working with the NAACP.

“I haven’t seen what they put out,” Mr. Greitens told Fox. “I will tell you we’ve had a great relationship with the NAACP during my first six months in office and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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congrats to Missouri for treating people equal and not giving in to political correctness.  Did they do a report on what time tickets were written ?   Or what part of towns they were written?   And finally if Missouri is racist, NAACP is doing what they want, staying out of their state.  

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congrats to Missouri for treating people equal and not giving in to political correctness.  Did they do a report on what time tickets were written ?   Or what part of towns they were written?   And finally if Missouri is racist, NAACP is doing what they want, staying out of their state.

Missouri Legislature Makes Discrimination Easier

On June 30, 2017, the Governor of Missouri signed Senate Bill 43 into law, making it easier to discriminate against you, a Missouri employee. The 2017 Missouri Republican business-friendly legislature is not disappointing its big-business enablers. The new law makes Plaintiffs prove that discrimination was the “motivating” factor in some adverse employment action, rather than a “contributing” factor. Missouri Senate Bill 43 is the latest plan to make it more difficult to hold employers liable for discrimination.


John Smith is a boss who wants to get rid of Employee “A” because of employee’s gender. But of course boss isn’t going to just call “A” into the office and say he doesn’t want any of “A’s” gender working for him. So he has to look for other reasons to terminate “A.” Over the course of the next month several employees are late for work, including Employee “A”. Boss doesn’t discipline any other employee for being late except for Employee “A”. He fires “A” on the spot.

Boss knows that Employee “A” has to prove that employee’s gender was a “motivating” factor in the termination, rather than just a “contributing factor” (partially motivated) in the determination. Its a tougher case to make.


The Governor stated in his signing that he is trying to make it easier for businesses to operate in Missouri. It is a sad day when Missouri has to lure businesses to its state by making it easier to discriminate against its own working citizens!

“This legislation makes it easier for government to operate in the shadows. Employees must be able to raise concerns without fear of losing their jobs. If enacted, the measure would almost certainly create a chilling effect that would undermine the state’s ability to uncover wasteful, improper or illegal uses of taxpayer dollars. Compromising long-standing whistleblower protections increases the threat of retaliation and fosters an environment of intimidation for those who report wrongdoing.”

"To have a senator introduce a bill that is so evidently self-serving is offensive, and it tarnishes our honor by participating and allowing him to advance this legislation," he pleaded. "I encourage the body to vote no for our own honor sake, and for the oath that we took.” But even though two brave Republicans crossed party lines to vote against the bill, it wasn't enough — the bill won committee passage and quickly was scheduled for a Rules Committee hearing last night. That's likely the final step before a vote on the floor.

Says state Representative Steve Roberts (D-St. Louis), "I honestly don't understand how this hasn't gotten more media attention." He notes that when he questioned Romine about being sued for discrimination, the senator had a telling answer: "Which time?" 

"It's so bold to have a senator who's been sued for this, multiple times, leading the charge," Roberts says. "It is clearly self-dealing."

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