News earlier in the week reports a Mexican homeless man was accused of setting a fire to keep warm during the night and it got away and started one of the fires which destroyed properly and killed 40 + people.

Statements attributed to the ICE Director says the man has been deported twice and has numerous convictions that lead the agency to request a detainer hold on the man so they could pick him up. The law enforcement agencies involved did not honor those request and let him back in the community.

So in my humble opinion and being one who was effected by the fire I blame the politicians of this state AND every person no matter where or In what state they live who does not speak out against illegal aliens. And I will know who you are by the words you speak in dealing with this problem of entering the USA without getting permission. It is that simple. If you are for illegal entry take one or a two or a family let them enter your home and live off of your humanity.





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It's also been found that illegals have started fires as a means of 
revenge for having been deported before, 48 million illegals in
the and the country and the number is growing. DACA my azz.
In the first place they aren't dreamers, they're law breakers and
everyone, DACA or not should go, build the dam wall.

Let's not jump to conclusions...

A man suspected of arson was arrested at Maxwell Farms Regional Park in Sonoma on Sunday afternoon after he was seen leaving a creek bed where a fire was burning, authorities said.

Three Sonoma County Probation officers patrolling the area because of ongoing fires in the region noticed Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, walking out of the creek area and a plume of smoke behind him, Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum said.

Sheriff’s Deputy John Grohl was called to the scene and extinguished the fire, which was then completely doused by Sonoma Valley Fire Protection District personnel.

Gonzalez was wearing a trench coat and told officers he started the fire because he was cold, Crum said.

Gonzalez lives under a bridge nearby and is well known to law enforcement, he said.

He was arrested fon suspicion of felony arson and transported to the Sonoma County Jail for booking.

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