Attn Facebook USERS!!!

Back in October we reported on a virus by the name of Koobface, a nasty trickster that appeared in the form of messages pointing to supposedly racy videos. Click the link in the message and you'd be directed to download a new video player, which was in actuality the virus, itself, quickly taking over your profile and spreading to your friends. Koobface is sadly still around, now in its 28th revision, and is getting smarter and trickier, but no less annoying.

The basics are still the same: It's still shown as a link to a supposed video that prompts you to install a new version of Adobe's Flash player, the most common format used for Web videos. These days, though, that ambush page is a lot sneakier, showing the profile picture of the user whose compromised profile got you in the mess in the first place, and making the whole scam look more genuine. If you install the downloaded file, the virus will look into the stored information on your computer from Facebook, compromise your profile, and send itself to all your friends -- likely making them a little less than thrilled with you.

As before, the best way to avoid it is to make sure links to videos from friends are genuine. And if you see a message like the above, asking you to install a new version of Flash, don't do it. [From: CNET News]
"Don't argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."
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Originally posted by George Sand:
I have a facebook page but I hate it.

Yeah I do too but I never use it. Im more of a myspace gal!! Big Grin
Somebody tried to knight me on facebook. Mad And all that fairy stuff! I don't want to be sent a fairy or poked! I can't believe adults do that stuff. I like myspace better, too. I have a Twitter account but can't for the life figure out what to do with it. There's no real way to find people you know or want to know on it. So far, my only friend is Demi Moore and I'm really suspicious that it might not be the real Demi! LOL

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