NATO nations are pleading with the US to protect their poor pitiful selves from the Russian bear and scary Putin.

A few facts:

European NATO:  Population -- about 512 million.  Annual GDP --about $19 trillion.

Russia:  Population -- about 143 million.  Annual GDP -- about $1.57 trillion.

Germany has the strongest economy on the continent.  

During the Cold War, West Germany (about 75 percent of the size of present day Germany) about 3,800 tanks. Now, they have 244 tanks.  Of which, only 100 are combat ready.  The video of German soldiers training with broom sticks because of a shortage of weapons is just embarrassing.  During the Cold War, West Germany had about 200 fighter jets.  Now, they have about 144 fighter jets.  Of which, seven are combat ready.  Their navy is equally a disaster. Of six submarines, none are combat ready. 

Except for including them under the nuclear umbrella, why should the USA continue to shoulder the burden for such these deadbeats?  I’ll answer my own question.  The main reason is the inability of Europe to keep its own front yard clean.  During the Clinton administration, they couldn’t even control the mess in the Balkans.  If, it weren’t for the former captive nations such as Poland, the Baltics, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the rest, I’d say be done with the lot.  Unfortunately, if left to their own devices, we might be sucked into another war. 

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A typo correction, I stated that West Germany had 200 jet fighters during the Cold War.  The number should be 1,200 jet fighters. 

 "we might be sucked into another war:"

Not if we mind our own business and refuse to be sucked into it. Tell the Democrats we don't want another one of their wars.

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