Nevada is officially changing its stance on abortion and women's access to healthcare.

Today I’m going to sign two important bills that not only will make a difference in the lives of countless Nevada women and men, but also send a message to the rest of the country that Nevada is not going to go backwards when it comes to reproductive rights and health.

Gov. Sisolak signed two bills into law today that would remove criminal penalties on abortion and expand reproductive rights for women.



The first, Senate Bill 179 or the Trust Nevada Women Act, would decriminalize outdated abortion laws in Nevada.


"I have been disappointed by the recent uptick in efforts in other states to restrict women’s right to choose, and I am especially proud today to be a Nevadan, where we protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own body," said Gov. Sisolak in his comments before signing this bill.

The bill would remove punishments for those seeking an abortion and protect doctors who perform them. It would also protect those who use birth control measures and the day after pill.



Cheers and applause erupted after both bills were signed.


In addition, Gov. Sisolak also signed a family planning bill that would allocate $6 million to local government agencies and non-profits.

That funding will help cover immunizations, different types of birth control, emergency contraception, and sterilization surgeries for residents across Nevada.

"In light of increasing attacks at the federal level and in other states such as Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Louisiana, SB179 reaffirms Nevada’s commitment to protecting reproductive freedom and access to reproductive health care."

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