Just South of the Avalon Avenue and Wilson Dam Rd intersection, on the right and on Wilson Dam Road is a sign advertising the construction of a new Rick's BBQ location.  This will be more competition for the South's Best (old Southern BBQ) BBQ restaurant if you consider it competition that is.  To me the biggest challenge to South's Best BBQ (old Southern BBQ before the name change) will be the new (under construction) Lawler's BBQ that is being constructed on Avalon Avenue adjacent to where the old Bruster's Ice Cream building is that also used to house a Witt's BBQ location.   The new Lawler's BBQ building is just under construction and most likely won't be ready until sometime in December but at least it will be an eat-in location and is owned and operated by the same owner and operator as the Killen Carryout only location.

What I'm wondering is if this will be in addition to the Rick's BBQ restaurant that is at 2501 Woodward Avenue over near, and across the street, from Captain D's, Long-Lewis Ford, etc.  or will it replace the Woodward Ave location?  I would think, as new as the Woodward Ave location is, if the Wilson Dam road new location is to replace it then they most likely already have someone committed to buy the building and take it over once the new one opens.   

I personally think this new location, on Wilson Dam Road, will be in addition to the one on Woodward Avenue even though they are so close.  One only has to look at the success of both the Cox Creek location and the Florence Blvd (Killen) location to see that two restaurants can exist in fairly close proximity.

Just glad to see more growth in the area.


Here is a nice video highlighting Rick's  About Rick's BBQ

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