I just heard from sources in Ttown that Steelers coach Bill Cowher's name is being tossed around. May just be another pipedream, but he has not signed on to continue with the Steelers. Might be the best kept secret in a while.
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Not gonna happen, he has just built his retirement home in North Carolina...saw an interview with him on ESPN a couple of days ago.
But at the end of November he turned down a job offer at N.C. State. He is only 49 so he has a few good years left in him.
Let's face it money talks. A man of his desire, to build a champion, might be just the incentive, to give him a new fire in his belly. I think he would be a good match, the money is not an issue. He has plenty to live a very rich life. I think the challenge would be his main decision. Let's face it, if he could turn Alabama back to a national power his ego would be even more full than the super bowl.
While Cowhers personality would be great... along with coaching. I'm not sure an NFL coach is a good fit. It is alot different coaching in the pros vs college. Of course Ive never done it, but I'm thinking its kinda hard to coach a guy making 40 million a year..... Saban is still rumored to be the guy, even tho he keeps saying no. I'll just be glad when this is over and maybe Bama can land some recruits. The longer the search goes on the less likely, IMHO, Bama is to land a couple of 4-5 star recruits.
Just heard today that the Legendary Coach of CCU (Clyde Clod University) Coach Billy Joe Tom Bob Parker may be interested in the Bammer coaching job. Coach Parker is in his 29th year of rebuilding at the D23 Fighting Possum's football program. To read about "The Coach" click on this link: Coach Parker
Thats pretty good Pit...I lived in Knoxville for 1.5 years..not far from the Halls area...that is pretty tipical for Knoxville and the UT area.

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