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In a not so shocking scientific poll, almost sixty percent (okay, 59% to be exact), i.e. 6 out of 10 Americans are having a Grrr! feeling when they hear about the corporate mainstream-news media. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, American voters are really upset with the anti-Trump/very fake news media establishment, which makes them dissatisfied and actually angry, hence the Grrr! part.

When asked how the mainstream media coverage of American politics makes them feel, 59% of those questioned said that they feel angry (26%) or dissatisfied (33%) and that’s obviously President Donald Trump’s fault according to the pollsters, as he helped with changing the people’s attitudes vs the mainstream media for the worse. 52% of those questioned believe that President Trump had an (for the worse) impact on American attitudes with regard to the corporate news-media.

However, I think they forgot to ask a crucial question: it was President Donald Trump who changed your opinion,or was it the mainstream media attacking and lying  about the POTUS changed your view on the MSM?  It’s very hard to miss the unparalleled levels of  negativity and hate pedaled 24/7 by all MSM news outlets, with an emphasis on WaPo, CNN and the NYT who’ve lost all their credibility with the American public (not in Washington though).

Among other things (like wining and MAGA), President Donald Trump did an awesome job educating the American people on the dishonesty of the MSM. The problem is that the corporate-mainstream media is now abandoning all pretenses of  ethics and integrity with regard to journalism and replaces them with Democratic propaganda and crazy conspiracy theories around the clock, 24/7/365. If you want to read proper news as opposed to fake news, the only option is to go online. You’re not going to find honest reporting  anywhere in the corporate news business and that’s very sad.

America is Still Free to a Fault

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Sometimes I wonder if Trump might be more powerful and able to do more if he WASN'T president. He could put all that energy into fighting the liberals any way possible. Maybe align with Russia on some things. Set up all sorts of powerful groups to fight the dems...start his own equivalent of twitter...build a staff of lawyers to sue the dems every time they took a breath...all sorts of things he might be able to do. No matter what the left claims about Trump...he has powerful and rich supporters...and could be a powerful weapon against the left. Of course we would still need to have a Republican as president.

I'd rather have him as an unfettered attack dog against the left as president.


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