De Niro no longer acting .. De Niro being the Unhinged Left

I used to like Di Niro and still think he's a good actor but often they should act more than they do.  Unfortunately he's better in acting and being himself.  Sad that, like many others, he's so unhinged that he cannot get over losing the election in 2016.  I don't know which is worse him (De Niro) or Hillary who continues to come up with various excuses each time she speaks about the election loss to Trump in 2016.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Maybe  Di Niro isn't upset over Hillary's loss. Maybe he's upset over the completely incompetent moron, in the White House.

I've never seen someone profess their innocence so loudly and at the same time work so hard to sabotage the investigation to prove their innocence.

Actors have a reputation for arrested development -- children in an adult's body.  With De Niro and Maher, one sees the reason for such a reputation.  Both are man-children.  They didn't get their way and are throwing tantrums.  Its the fault of everybody who didn't vote for Hillary.  Boys, hold your breath until you turn blue and stamp your feet.  We don't care what passes for thought in you empty skulls. 

I can't fault Trump for protesting, you know you are innocent all the while seeing so much wasted on trying to prove something that you know was made up and fabricated in order to try and remove you from an office that you were legitimately elected to.  I would expect he would be upset seeing this waste of time and resources all the while seeing your past opponent who was guilty of felonies go around without a care having been let off Scott free by corrupt people on the inside.  Trump, I'm sure, feels that if anyone should be investigated it should be those within the Government that have acted illegally to keep a felon from facing justice (That's Hillary by the way) and then works with known false information to illegally spy on your own campaign all the while attempting to remove you from an office that you were legally and legitimately elected to.  That should upset anyone.  Here is a person that is being investigated over a proven false dossier that was paid for by his opposition candidate and created in order to keep him from getting elected.  Once elected it was then used to try and give reason to get him out of office.

You are talking about Trump is guilty .. so where is the evidence?  The investigation by the Speical Investigator has gone on for over a year now and there is NO evidence that Trump or anyone high in his campaign colluded with Russia or anyone else.  There is NO evidence or proof that even Russia's attempts to sway an election gained a vote for either Trump or Hillary.   The only real indication or evidence of collusion is more against the Democrats than Trump yet no one wants to investigate that.  

So if Trump is guilty, working so hard to conceal all this where is the evidence?  There are so many politicians and people that want to do Trump in that IF there was actual evidence somewhere I guarantee you someone would have brought it out by now.   The people that work in the mainstream media, like most liberals, salivates daily for any little tidbit that could be used against Trump or that is negative with respect to Trump yet there is NO evidence anywhere of Collusion with the Russians or anyone else, for that matter, leading to Trump being elected.

What we have witnessed is the most enormous cry-baby fit being thrown by liberals and Democrats over Trump beating their, should have been a lock, horrible candidate.  The dossier was initially created and paid for to try and provide information that would keep Trump from getting elected and once elected was then used to try and remove him from office.  The only conclusion has been between parties trying to overturn a legitimate election.  The fact that you actually believe such exist should be backed up with evidence or reason for that belief other than the fact that you just don't like Republicans or detest Trump.  

So since you are so sure Trump is guilty of something ... where is the evidence of that guilt?  Why has the media or the investigator not found it and because if they found it no one is telling about it?  Also if Trump is such an idiot then you have an idiot that has run circles around Obama and achieved far more than he ever dreamed of achieving.  An economy that is rebounding and getting stronger daily, American industry and jobs that are coming back far stronger and greater than any time during the Obama administration and potentially a change in North Korean relations that was impossible in the last 50 or so years under any past president. 

So if Trump is such a doofus then he's the luckiest man on earth because other than running a campaign that beat someone that was supposed to be a lock for the job or a shew in and amassing a fortune of billions in value and property and presenting a vision that most Americans agree with Trump has somehow lucked his way into all this without apologizing to anyone for anything America has done.  His chief and number one goal and purpose have been AMERICA FIRST!  How dare the man and President of the United States dare to want to put our Nation first and see us succeed over every other Nation in the World and be economically strong.  Why he should have continued the Obama legacy of apology and cow-towing to every other Nation on Earth. while blaming our own citizens and people for all the world's ills and problems.  

I could see if Mueller didn't produce anything in his first year.. but, for this to be a 'made up witch hunt', it sure has produced a lot of guilty pleas and indictments. Not that the truth matters to Republicans. Some people just refuse to see the truth and then there are the Real American Patriots who see the truth.


CONVICTIONS: 5 (or 6, see below)

  • George Papadopoulos: Former Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor, continued in that role after Trump became President. Convicted October 5, 2017 for lying to the FBI regarding communications, on behalf of and with the encouragement Trump Campaign, with Russians aimed at getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russian hacked emails. Was arrested July 27, 2017 but the conviction and plea agreement was not released until October 30th. In the interim he continued to work in the Trump Administration and may have been wearing a wire on behalf of the Mueller team.
  • Michael Flynn: Former Marine General, Trump Campaign Advisor, led “lock her up chants” as a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, appointed by Trump as National Security Advisor and Director of National Intelligence, perhaps the most sensitive position related to national security in the Administration. Convicted (by guilty plea) on December 1, 2017 for lying to the FBI and regarding contacts and communications with Russians on behalf of the Trump transition team. The plea bargain agreement requires that Flynn fully cooperate with the investigation.
  • Richard Pinedo: California man convicted February 2, 2018 for helping the indicted Russian individuals and companies in their meddling in the Presidential election. Pinedo helped the Russians use dummy bank accounts to work around the security of companies like PayPal. Pinedo helped the Russians appear online as if they were Americans. Pinedo is now cooperating with Mueller’s team.
  • Alex Van der Zwaan: The son-in-law of a Russian oligarch pleads guilty on February 20, 2018 for lying to the FBI regarding his communications with Rick Gates and Paul Manafort on behalf of pro-Soviet elements in the Ukraine. The communications involved were in September 2016, shortly after Manafort left the Trump Campaign and while Gates was still part of the campaign. On March 27, 2018 Mueller files a Sentencing Memorandum with the court for Van der Zwaan. This document details communications, some of which were recorded, between Gates, Manafort and a Russian intelligence agent. This conviction, along with an expected plea agreement with Rick Gates (see below), is seen as evidence that the Mueller’ noose is tightening around Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s indictment. On April 3, 2018 Alex van Der Zwaan is sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $20,000, becoming the first person sentenced in the Russia investigation.
  • Rick Gates: As widely anticipated, on February 23, 2018 Rick Gates strikes a plea agreement and pleads guilty to multiple counts for conspiracy to defraud the United States and making false statements. Gates is Manafort’s long term right hand man who stayed with the Trump Campaign and the administration after Manafort left. Gates agrees that a government drafted Statement of Criminal Information spells out facts and allegations that are true. The Criminal Information Gates stipulates to completely sells out Manafort as it details wide ranging schemes to defraud the United States, money launder, bank fraud and tax fraud. Gates admits to making false statements even after originally indicted in late October 2017 and the Criminal Information seems to indicate Manafort did too. The criminal enterprises detailed in the Criminal Information, and in the Superseding Indictment filed the day before, include many instances of these crimes being committed while Gates and Manafort were working for the Trump Campaign and while Gates was working in the Trump Administration. As is typical, the plea agreement requires that Gates “shall cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly with this Office and other Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities identified by this Office in any and all matters to which this Office deems cooperation relevant.”
  • Jeffrey Yohai?: On May 17, 2018 the Wall Street Journal reports Mueller secured a sixth conviction and another cooperating witness against Manafort. Jeffrey Yohai was a business associate of Manafort’s and until divorcing last year the husband to one of Manafort’s daughters. The Wall Street Journal Reports he entered a guilty plea in January that remains under seal as he has been cooperating with the Mueller team since. The WSJ says Yohai plead guilty to a variety of bank and real estate fraud matters and that pursuant to his plea bargain is required to fully cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. If true this would be the second close associate of Manafort to turn against him.

INDICTED: 15 Individuals and 3 Corporations.

  • Paul Manafort: Originally hired by Trump in the crucial role of securing delegates for the Republican National Convention then made Trump’s Campaign Chairman. Fired abruptly after a NY Times report describing massive possible illegal financial transactions from pro-Russian groups in the Ukraine. Indicted with Rick Gates on October 30, 2017 on charges of conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements, false statements, and multiple counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. The indictment alleges Manafort and Gates acted as agents for pro-Russian parties and elements of the Ukrainian government (tied to former pro-Soviet Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych). They allegedly received millions in payments from the pro-Russia elements and then “in order to hide the Ukraine payments from United States authorities . . . laundered the money through scores of United States and foreign corporations, partnerships and bank accounts.” They then lied about it to investigators and did not report the income on their taxes. Put simply, the indictment alleges that Trump’s Former Campaign Chairman was a major international financial criminal racketeer. On February 22d Mueller releases a new 32 count indictment alleging and detailing additional counts of tax fraud, money laundering and bank fraud totaling tens of millions of dollars. The following day Rick Gates pleads guilty in a deal that completely sells out his old partner (see above). On February 23d, just a couple of hours after Rick Gates pleads guilty (see above) Mueller issues yet another superseding indictment against Manafort detailing additional allegations of money laundering, bank fraud and sponsoring foreign lobbyists without the required disclosures. On June 4, 2018 the government filed a motion to revoke Manafort’s bail on grounds he has used his freedom to illegally, and in violation of his bail terms, attempt to influence witnesses and suborn perjury. On June 8, 2018 Mueller filed another superseding indictment against Manafort adding Russian intelligence operating Konstantin Kilimnik as a co-defendant. Manafort and Kilimnik are accused the usual array of charges associated with conspiracy to defraud the United States, FARA reporting violations, money laundering, bank and wire transfer fraud and tax evasion. However, the new indictment also charges Manafort and Kilimnik with obstruction of justice via witness tampering. In particular, they are charged with corruptly attempting to persuade two witnesses with intent to influence, delay or prevent testimony in violation of 18 USC 1512. This witness tampering is alleged to have occurred recently, in February and April of this year. These very serious alleged crimes were while Manafort was out on bail and are the basis for the government motion to revoke his bail.
  • Konstantin Kilimnik: As discussed above this Russian spy/intelligence operative was added to the indictment list via a superseding indictment including Paul Manafort on June 8, 2018. Manafort and Kilimnik are accused of wide ranging conspiracies to defraud the United States, FARA reporting violations, money laundering, bank and wire transfer fraud and tax evasion and witness tampering while Manafort was on bail. Manafort employed Kilimnik in his company to lobby for pro-Russian candidates in the Ukraine.

13 more Russians and Three Russian Corporations. Indicted on February 16, 2018. The indictment alleges the Defendants’ “operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton.” The indictment alleges specific violations of FARA, wire and bank fraud, and identity theft (to allow them to pose as real Americans). One of the Russian social media accounts was Twitter account @Tenn-GOP which claimed to be the “Unofficial Twitter account of Tennessee Republicans.” Both Kellyanne Conway and Trump Junior followed that Russia meddling account and retweeted it. The indictment focuses on “The Internet Research Agency,” it’s employees, and shell corporations.

  • The Internet Research Agency itself.
  • Concord Management: shell corporation for The Internet Research.
  • Concord Catering: shell corporation for The Internet Research Agency.
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin: The head of the Internet Research Agency and financier of the conspiracy.
  • Mikhail Bystrov
  • Mikhail Burchik
  • Aleksandra Krylova
  • Anna Bogacheva
  • Sergey Polozov
  • Maria Bovda
  • Robert Bovda
  • Dzheykhun Ogly
  • Vadim Podkopaev
  • Gleb Vasilchenko
  • Irina Kaverzina
  • Vladimir Venkov

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