New Sweetwater area Restaurant in Florence

I saw an advertisement for a new restaurant that has opened in the Sweetwater part of Florence.  This is the area that Stagg's Grocery is in.  I don't know anything other than they are advertising meat & 2 and meat & 3 daily specials.

Meat & 2 Sides will cost $7.99

Meat & 3 Sides will cost $8.99

I don't know the exact location of this new restaurant nor can I fine an online menu but if anyone tries it how about posting a review and/or your impressions here on the forum.


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My wife and I ate there Monday night.  The restaurant is called Season's.  They are open 11am to 6pm Monday through Friday.   The two meats Monday night were either meat loaf or chicken Parmesan plus about four different vegetables you could choose from.  I believe I heard them say they offer fish on Fridays.  They meat specials change daily  My wife and I both had the chicken salad sandwiches and they were excellent.  We chose the kettle chips rather than fries.  They have several other sandwich options plus a burger.  I believe the desserts change daily.  We enjoyed it and will be going back.  They said they had a facebook page but I couldn't find it.

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