I know I am probably cheating with this one, but I have a pretty wide vocabulary, and that one is just not going to melt very far---so----cheap
cheep and cheap already used...back to pheap

bamaalumni, if we can't answer by 2:01 AM Aug. 18th, imax wins & we start again. Smiler
It's not in the directions--you'd have to ask shaxtper I guess. Either that or start a new one....
Originally posted by imya_huckleberry:
does it have to be in the dictionary, or can you use acronyms?

Oh, Det. Hound, Treet is an Armour brand. Spam is manufactued by Hormel. Both are lunch meats, but taste exceedingly different (at least to me).
Good one KS! Do you get to start up the next one? I can't go without this game! It is too addicting! Even with that dam*ed paper airplane game (that I can't get out the window anyway!
I am more of a "replier" instead of a "poster", someone else can start it, and I will play!!!

Just winning is fun for me!!! Big Grin

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