I had mistaken PEART for PERT:

Main Entry: pert
Pronunciation: 'p&rt
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, evident, attractive, saucy, short for apert evident, from Anglo-French, from Latin apertus open, from past participle of aperire to open
1 a : saucily free and forward : flippantly c0cky and assured b : being trim and chic : JAUNTY <a pert little hat> c : piquantly stimulating <is a pert notion>
- pert·ly adverb
- pert·ness noun

and now I am utterly stumped!
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:

BEARD has been used already, try again!
btw, i'm trying to keep a list this time!

1. Barks
2. Beard
3. Beard
4. Board
5. Boars
6. ****s
7. ****y
8. Darks
9. Fears
10. Harks
11. Heard
12. Hears
13. Heart
14. Kicks
15. Larks
16. Licks
17. Locks
18. Lurks
19. Marks
20. Nears
21. Pearl
22. Pears
23. Peart
24. Rears
25. Rocks
26. Rocky
27. Saris
28. Sarks
29. Sears
30. Soaks
31. Soars
32. Socks
33. Tacks
34. Tacky
35. Tears
36. Ticks
37. Tucks
38. Turks
39. Wacks
40. Wacky
Thank you, shaxtper, for making this a game that can end...hee, hee. AND, I think you got us, or at least me. Gonna give it 24 hours?
Originally posted by vick13:

are you serious? that has been used twice already!

yeah, sorry about that. if you'll notice, our last 2 messages were posted at the same time.

Forgive me? :-)
For what? See, that's the good part about aging. Your short term memory is just gone!

I think, punkin, you got us.
Which is scary cause my mother (who has Alzheimer's) is sitting here beside me talking to her sister. She's said the same thing over and over forty times. Now I'm posting the same word over and over. I am worried.

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