that's so funny! she's rubbing off on you!
wait, her sister as actually there, isn't she?

(This was submitted earlier today, but another word came first, so I think I should be able to use it now.)

The current word was BOARD.
At 11:45, shaxtper submitted BEARD.
At 11:46, vick13 submitted HOARD.

Since BEARD came first, it was used, and HOARD was ignored.
LOL, Vick

Hoary just means really old or having gray hair, crazy. Smiler

Just for clarity sake, the word we're on right now is:

FYI, I KNOW what hoary means, it's just so much fun to accuse you of smut!!!
Yes, my mother's sister was on the phone with mother, not that it would've made much difference.
I thought fakir won on the other one, let's wait a second or two. Did you read your description on the old world melt redux?
fakir didn't win it-Takir or something crazy started a whole new mess! who knew something as simple as a sandwich would end this round so quickly?

Aside, daughter got a Chinese pug. We named her Ping cause I worked with a teensy Chinese resident we called Ping. Thought human Ping would be happy. Apparently that's some kind of huge insult in China.
yeah, i put them in line! haha... I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, but i might get around to them!

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