A Democratic state senator in New York apologized Tuesday for a tweet suggesting that a Republican legislative staffer kill herself -- before referring to her as "a Twitter troll" in an interview published hours later.

Kevin Parker, who represents a Brooklyn Senate district, initially tweeted "Kill yourself!" to Republican Senate aide Candice Giove after she accused Parker of misusing a Senate parking placard in Manhattan. Parker later deleted the initial tweet and apologized in another message to Giove, saying that he had "used a poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and and [sic] should not be made light of."

"I'm Joe Biden and I...I...I forgot this message"

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Liberals/Dems aren't going back to their former character of half
decent people, they've been given and promised too much to
turn back now------

social media makes it easy for political figures to reach mass numbers.  This just magnifies how many idiots have been elected especially in the local areas.  Many have never held a real job and all they know is how to blow their own horn or slander their opponents 

"This just magnifies how many idiots have been elected"

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

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