Nick Saban interested in New York Giant's Coaching job?

Saturday down South has a report that Nick Saban might be interested in the vacant New York Giant's coaching job.  This is one NFL job that it's rumored that Nick Saban might be interested in and could possibly be the only one to lure Saban away from Alabama.  According to some that know Saban it's said that his age along with the fact that he's accomplished so much at Alabama could very much have a bearing on whether or not he's interested in the New York Giant's job.  At least if Nick is then he's well positioned to afford the higher cost of living that he would encounter in New York compared to Tuscaloosa  and he, of course, still maintains his other homes.  

Then comes the question if Saban was to leave who could or would ever follow in his footsteps and be capable of taking over for Nick at Alabama.   That question is generally thought to be answered by the name ... Dabo Sweeney.  I too think that Dabo would be a great choice but frankly I don't know if anyone can follow the record that Nick Saban has left behind.  

Time will tell but I'll believe it when I see it in print because at this point in Saban's life I can't imagine him wanting to leave Alabama and return to the NFL especially when there is so much conflict and problems in the NFL what with the protest and other dumpster fires that are killing the attendance of the league and knowing that it's much more difficult to work with these over paid athletes rather than the young men entering college.  At least in College he has the ability to teach and reach young men and make a difference in their lives.

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I hope you are right and I hope Nick wouldn't consider it either.  I don't want to take anything away from Nick but he's on the top of his game and going back to the NFL could only take him down and be a negative on an otherwise stellar career.  It could be that Nick is considering the Giants as an opportunity to try and remove the NFL blemish that is on his record from his Miami Dolphin's days.  I somehow, though, don't see Nick Saban being able to tie or match Jimmy Johnson's record of success at the collegiate and professional levels as Jimmy did at the Miami Hurricanes and then the Dallas Cowboys.  

I'm still not ready to concede that Jimmy Johnson was all that successful at the college level because unless I'm totally wrong (and I could be) Miami had many of their tainted years while under Jimmy Johnson's leadership, years that are questionable as to their legality within the NCAA guidelines and what all was allowed to go on.  Miami did have success under Johnson but I don't know how clean of a program he ran.

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