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Alabama and Nick Saban had to replace two coordinators when Jeremy Pruitt and Brian Daboll left and Saban chose to promote from inside the organization opposed to going outside and hiring an existing Offensive coordinator or ex-head coach.  Mike Locksley was promoted as Offensive Coordinator and Tosh Lupoi to the Defensive coordinator.  So far it looks as if Saban is a genius, as many already knew.  

Personally, as an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan I think both men are doing stellar jobs and while Tosh Lupoi seems to have the highest mountain to climb the defense seems to just reload and be about as stout as the previous year.  I'm really impressed though with Mike Locksley who seems to enjoy having all the weapons that he has and certainly seems to be utilizing them in ways that they have not been utilized in years and seasons before.  Granted Lane Kiffin didn't have Tua as the ace quarterback to play around with but he did have Jalen Hurts and helped to bring in Tua to the Crimson Tide fold so he was sure to know what kind of talent he was before he ever signed with the Tide.  It could also be argued that Daboll might have done a much better job calling plays is Tua was there to exhaust Ridley's talents ( if that could even be done ) but history is just that.

Alabama will have their greatest test come Saturday after next when they go to, and play, LSU but it also gives them opportunity to prove what so many people seem to already have concluded, that this is the absolute best Alabama offense to take the field and possibly the best offense any College Football program has fielded.  Alabama has always been respected as a powerful defense which could protect an often, thought of, lean and weak offense but this years team is just downright scary what they have been able to do.  

Everyone felt, before the year/season started that Georgia would be Alabama's greatest SEC Challenge and most likely would come in the SEC Championship but with LSU soundly defeating, and handling, Georgia it looks as if LSU will be Alabama's greatest obstacle and challenge followed by the SEC East champion if Alabama is able to win out and take the SEC West title.  As an Alabama fan I'd love to see Alabama soundly defeat LSU but as an SEC fan, many believe that it would be more exciting if LSU was to keep the game super close and in doubt until the final minute of play and potentially be in a place to defeat the Tide.  If any other SEC Team has a chance to defeat Alabama, given the talent LSU has on their team along with the current coaches it will be LSU.   There will be lots of questions answered when the two teams meet, questions such as:

Will Tua actually play a whole game and play in the fourth quarter?  Will LSU finally beat Alabama given that Alabama has owned LSU since LSU last defeated them in 2011 only to lose badly to them in the National Championship game?  Can Alabama continue to score on their first possession of the game and will they continue to score 40+ points in a game?  Lots of questions to answer and time will tell how those questions are answered.  Love College football and given the year Alabama has been having I certainly hope that Alabama continues their record against LSU and again defeats them soundly and I hope that Tua's performance is sound enough to keep him number one in the Heisman race.



Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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