Have you ever had one of these, gravel hauling, dump trucks pass you by, on the road, or driven up behind one?   One thing you will notice is that usually on the back will be a sign saying something similar to ... "Not responsible for damage from road debris".   These trucks carry gravel or material that often flies out of the truck and many times is responsible for cracked or broken windshields.  Even though some of these trucks have a folding cover that covers the load they are carrying many don't use that cover or others don't have it yet they all want to deny any and all damage that may come from their truck.   You see the same thing in motels where somewhere near the front desk is a sign that denies liability for any thefts from their parking lot or other things that might happen at/on their property.

Maybe we all need to put up such signs and then we can all do away with all forms of liability insurance because none of us are responsible for anything.


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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unclegus posted:

It is my understanding that by law the trucks are supposed to have their load covered to prevent the gravel from leaving the vehicle. Law pertaining to securing their load.


That's right and the law pertains to more than just gravel, a
reckless hauling award could be given to those rude *******'*--

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