Nothing is PRIVATE anymore

Nothing is Private or off the record anymore

Anyone of any intelligence should realize that there is no such thing as "off the record", "Just between you and me or Just between us", or "Private" anymore.  Maybe there are a few times people can get by with it but with politicians, it's almost never.  Hillary was caught with her Deplorables remark and Romney with his remark about what percentage of the electorate he'd never get to vote for him which was of course construed by the media to be totally different than what he meant it to mean.  Nikki, I hope, realized that what she said would get out.  

I particularly liked the part where she led the Chinese, and North Koreans (by the way) to believe Trump was some unhinged lunatic capable of anything, but she didn't know exactly what he was going to do.  Maybe she didn't but you can bet that characterization of him may have had some effect that got Kim Jung Un to meet him and began talks with the United States representatives.  Actually, when you think about it, regardless of how much truth there may be in any of the statements, it's amusing.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Can you copy and paste the article?

That's odd.  When I first linked to the article it came up and there was no paywall that requested payment and joining.  I'm not a member and haven't joined so when I clicked on my own link, in response to your request, I also got the screen, you did, requesting payment and I could 't read the article that was once there without the paywall popping up.

I'd never, knowingly, provide a link that sent you to a site where you had to pay to view the article and just to try and prevent it after Posted the post I clicked on my link, as I usually do, just to verify it would work and at that time it did.   NOW, Like you, I get the paywall and can't read the article myself.  

Essentially what the article said was that Nikki Haley was at a, so-called, "Private Conservative meeting" and made the statement about how she would describe Trump as an unhinged, could do anything, crazy type person that could just start a war at a moments notice,.  It went on to say she did that to try and make China, and others that China advised, to fear Trump and the US and think that Trump was capable of irrational actions so they might fear him morel.  It was said in a humorous way and not meant for general consumption but for the ears of the Conservative 'invited" members only.  My point was that in Washington and with Politicians and those type meetings that there is no such thing as Privacy or Private conversations or conversations "off the record".

I'm sorry the link failed to work as it did when I first submitted the post and had I Known that the paywall notice would have come up and not allowed the article to be read I would have never referenced it or posted it.  I'm sorry about that.

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