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Detroit Resident Dies After Trump Administration Deports Him to Iraq, Report Says

A man who spent most of his life in the United States died this week after he was deported to Iraq in June.

The man, 41-year-old Jimmy Aldaoud, was an Iraqi national who was born in Greece, but came to the U.S. when he was a child, Politico reports. He had never lived in Iraq and did not speak Arabic, but was deported amid the Trump Administration’s immigration crackdown.

Edward Bajoka, an immigration lawyer and self-described close friend of the family, wrote on Facebook that Aldaoud was found dead on Wednesday. The cause of death appeared to be linked to an inability to get insulin for diabetes, according to Bajoka.


Now the rest of the story.

"An ICE spokesperson in Detroit said that Aldaoud had “an extensive criminal history“ that involved at least 20 convictions from 1998 to 2017, and had twice been ordered removed from the U.S.

The convictions included assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence, theft of personal property, and breaking and entering, according to ICE. A POLITICO search of court records showed Aldaoud served 17 months for a home invasion in 2013."

CornPop was a “bad dude” who “ran a bunch of bad boys”-Joe Biden


Original Post

The World (mainstream / liberal ) news is full of stories trying to make Trump look like an tyrant for enforcing the United States laws.  The recent raids in Mississippi are yet another opportunity for them to appeal to the better nature of people by highlighting the children of illegals who have come into the Country illegally as if we, the US, did something inherently wrong by having laws regulating immigration and then enforcing them.

You do feel for children who are scared and fearful about their parents not being there or arrested but how come is it OUR (the United States) fault and no fault of the offending members who actually broke the law putting their children into this situation?  One thing was glaringly apparent about those interviewed by the media reporters, spinning the story, and that was the ones who said they were here for some 13 or more years were still not speaking English nor could they.  They may have come to the country because of fears in their homeland but most came for employment and money they couldn't make back home.  I can understand that motivation but they are taking jobs from legal Americans who could also support their family and children but won't work as cheaply as say the illegals and the companies know this and take advantage of it.

To me this is modern day Slavery and if the Democrats, and Republicans, are truly against Slavery then they should be against situations like this occurring and , yes, the large employers should pay a price and penalty for their actions which reinforce those who violate the law.  IF the jobs weren't there and the pay not there then the attraction to come here wouldn't be so large as it is.  The current group of Democrats running for President have not only, and irresponsibly, offered free healthcare to illegals coming in but some are promising a Guarnteed wage regardless of if the person (Illegal) wants to work or not.  Why wouldn't anyone, anywhere, want to come here for that?  Why would any working, tax paying American, want to pay for these people and give them free everything while our own people aren't given those advantages in life?  

Yes it's terrible to see Children crying and fearful of what's going to happen now but the terrible person isn't Trump for enforcing the laws but those who come illegally, break our laws and put their families in the position for something like this to ultimately happen.  Let us put the blame where it rightfully belongs then decide what to do with those who are now working and paying taxes.  They still take work from Americans but I'm also not ignorant and realize that some are working jobs that other Americans won't take and don't want so yes there is a need potentially but where there is a legitimate need then there should be a legal alternative and not something supporting and reinforcing illegal activities.  You will never see the media, though, highlight or blame the illegal for what's happening though but rather it's all Donald Trump's fault.

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