Now We All Can Be Ticked At Local Politicians


For Sometime now I have read and been thankful I live in the county. Because of the hairbrained Florence city council. But now, The County commission has decided be stupid as well. How in the world, after seeing the cities plans backfire time and time again, could the county commision decide to team up with the Florence city council. Thornton has some good ole common sense. I guess they had to wait until Mike Curtis moved on up to get by with what I fear will be a money pit. Hopefully I will be wrong, but I don't have a good feeling about this.
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Originally posted by M9Beretta:
I strongly agree Themax. They seem to never learn.

Proven fact... Politicians always start out good, and have great lip service, but eventually they become... well... POLITICIANS!!!! I have learned not to expect much out of any of them.

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