Full term baby assassination costs $17,000

Listen to the abortion clinic employee! At the end of the conversation (8:41) she says, "Alrighty then!" as if she has simply scheduled a dental cleaning. One must have $17,000 ready to hand over to the assassin to murder their child...and rest assured that black market organ dealers are standing in line to buy the child's organs and body parts. Now we see why Obamacare is so important. Who can afford a $17,000 hit job on a full term baby?

Thanks to InfoWars reporter Millie Weaver (38 weeks pregnant) for this video. Millie's sonogram (10:01 - 10:36) shows her full term baby opening and closing her eyes, looking around and smiling. 


Original Post
Now a new born baby crying means big money in today's
chop shops but not to worry, the Barrack death panels will save
the Dems a ton of other people's monies from being wasted on
the old and retired. Looks like the only replication of race would
be the Arab/Muslims.


Jutu posted:

People predicted this. How long before the elderly, disabled, seriously ill, are deemed "unviable" and killed?

If we have a population of voters that are vigilant and look out for one another, instead of treating a political party as an identity, this would never become a problem.  

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