She bullied the shooter and her father left because of gun confiscation.


Shortly after Castro’s famous speech, the process of gun confiscation started in Cuba—but gradually. Initially it was aimed at disarming rival revolutionary groups, who had fought Batista but weren’t Communist-backed. Soon the definition of these “rival revolutionaries” grew pretty sweeping. Soon it included just about every Cuban with a gun. Significantly, Castro’s famous anti-gun speech was proclaimed a full two years BEFORE he came out of the closet as a full-fledged Marxist-Leninist.  

In a fascinating irony it turns out that Parkland high school student and sudden media rock-star Emma Gonzales was born in the U.S. of a Cuban-born parent. It appears that her father graciously found refuge in the U.S. from the horrors of totalitarian, gun-outlawing Cuba in 1968. Alas-- this fascinating item is only being reported in Spanish-language media.


Over the past week Castro’s media has been in a tizzy celebrating the Parkland high school students and especially Emma Gonzalez's NRA and Republican bashing.

So when will these Democrat Parkland protestors “disavow” their championship by a murderous (and child-murdering) totalitarian regime? After all, isn’t the Democrat-Media complex constantly haranguing Republicans to “disavow” any compliments from the KKK, Alt-Right, etc.?

As it turns out the few guns still in the hands of (mostly redneck) Cubans from 1960-1966 caused great panic for the Soviet satrap Castroites. These few guns resulted in the only genuine Cuban  guerrilla war of the 20th century. And it can’t be repeated often enough—it was fought AGAINST the utterly bogus “guerrillas” Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

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