Click on News. A submenu will be on the News page, and that's where you can get to the Obits. I really, really hope the Times Daily redesigns their site's navigation. A simple drop-down menu solution done using Cascading Style Sheets or Javascript would help a lot of people. And given some of the unneeded and confusing JavaScript hocus pocus on the front page, the TD web folks have no reason to not implement something like that.
I check every morning to look at the obituaries. (I can't get the paper delivered to my house because I live about a mile out of the delivery area).

Please, web designer! If you are listening...please put a link to the obituaries on the opening page of the site.
If you can post on this forum, how can you not find the obituaries? Look at the top of the page, in the grey bar you'll see the word "Obituaries". Click on that.

If you're on the home page, click "News", then click "Obituaries". I never read them, but I found the page in 30 seconds. It's not the web designer's fault if people can't find them.
Originally posted by NashBama:
It's not the web designer's fault if people can't find them.

But it is the web designer's responsibility to make it as easy as possible to find links. There are techniques that could place all of those sublinks on the front page without using up any space. If it makes the website more usable, then why not implement one of those techniques?
Obituaries are in the News section (in the blue navigation bar below the TimesDaily logo). When you click on News a grey sub navigation bar appears. Obituaries are in there, near the center. If you cannot find them this way, the Site Map (located in the blue navigation bar at the bottom of the page) has links to every section of the site.

I hope this is helpful.
Originally posted by rainymst:
what the hell was wrong with the way it was

The old site couldn't handle more than a few people on at a time, the forums simply sucked, and the layout was bad. This is a huge improvment. I've been able to connect to the site every time and everything is easier to find.
Huh????????? I don't understand the new format in any section of the paper. Maybe you guys could give us a 101 class on how to get to what we are looking for. If it doesn't have a picture to click on then forget about it. I log off and Im done. I am from Florence and now live on the Gulf Coast in Matagorda County Texas.The Times Daily is how I keep up with what's going on in the area. I plan my trips home according to what's happening around the Shoals area.

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