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I would say chicken waste for fertilizing the fields in that area

That's what I was thinking. A lot of farmers use it because it's cheap and effective. Thank goodness there is a limited supply Smiler. Anyway the smell will begin to die down in a week or so.
because chicken poop is insanly rich in the nutrients many plants need to grow big and strong. i use it myself, althought in the composted far less oderous form. my mint and basil and sage are doing outragiously well.

remember, all you 'Green' people, chicken poop is an organic fertilizer, and if you are going to demand ' organic' foods one must pay the price.
if you complain about the temporary odor to much, the farmers will be forced to move back to less offensive, more effective chemical fertilizers. but then you won't be able to get your ' locally grown organic' produce.

you have two evils to choose from.
pick one.
Farmers are darned if they do and darned if they don't! Yes, it is chicken liter being spread at the bend of the river. Several farmers are using it to fertilize the land as many of them have in many parts of the world for many years. It is very rich in nutrients needed to grow things. After having to have it hauled in and spread, it's not really any cheaper. However, it is their part in "going green"! Farmers take a lot of criticism when they use chemicals and now they're having to take it for an odor (that will pass rather quickly). The odor was stronger last week because they were actually spreading the liter. I am not aware of any being spread this week, but like I said, there are several farmers using it.
Other than the odor, a couple of things about this practice bother me. 1) What those chickens eat is passed on in their poop. Those people who are concerned about all the extra crap farmers feed chickens to grow them so fast is now being put on crops that we eat. What good does it do to buy organic free range chicken if the veggies you eat along with it contain everything you're trying to avoid? 2) Runoff into the river.

Also, it's not so much going green as trying to save money.

I'd love to see this stopped.

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