Oh! Bryan's (Tuscumbia) revisited

Oh! Bryan's was one of my favorite dining destinations but was closed, by the former owners, in October 2017.  The original owners though, the ones that had the location at Mount Hope, decided to reopen the Oh! Bryan's in Tuscumbia (location where the old Pilot House used to be and in the building just behind, and down the walkway, from Coldwater Bookstore).  

Although we were told they were open for around a week it was the first time that I was able to try out the newly opened restaurant.  There were a few noticeable things different from the old Oh! Bryan's such as some of the wall decorations were removed and the menu had been redone.  Some of the changes, to the menu, are that whereas the old Oh! Bryan's had 4 sizes of Ribeye steak selections the newer one only has three (8oz, 12oz, & 16oz) and I also noticed that the Salad Bar had been enlarged and was a bit better equipped.  In addition they offer the patrons lettuce in two forms, chopped coarse and chopped very fine.  Another change to the menu is that the new (original) owners have eliminated the cast iron Brownie, something I hated to see, but they also added the large steak house fries and did away with the ever crispy type fries that the former owners offered.

My impressions of the new Oh! Bryan's is that it is hands down better than the former and my 16oz Ribeye steak was cooked to perfection as well as having a most wonderful taste to it.  It was seasoned just right whereas the last visit to the former Oh! Bryans wasn't so trouble free.  Besides having to have the steak recooked twice the taste wasn't near as good as it is now.  I'm encouraged with the new Oh! Bryans and will have it back on my dining routine again.

New Phone Number 256-320-5833 

Hours: Mon-Thur  11AM - 8:30PM  Fri-Sat 11AM-9:30PM & Sun 11AM-3PM


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