When the New Orleans Transfer closed down account of the owner/chef's death that left a huge hole in the area for Cajun/Louisiana cuisine.  Before the New Orleans Transfer the best I had ever tasted came from a hole in the wall place on Avalon just down from the Police station that was owned and run by a single father who came up from New Orleans to open a Cajun restaurant here.

He had the absolute best Cajun Spaghetti and Bread Pudding that I have ever tasted and his Gumbo and Jambalaya was first rate yet although he had a lot of business and it was growing he decided to return to New Orleans and that left us with New Orleans Transfer which also had some great Cajun and Creole dishes but today, to my knowledge, the Shoals is void of Cajun and Creole chefs and cooking.

Does anyone know of any other areas in the Shoals that serves good Jambalaya and/or Gumbo?  I prefer the "full flavor" to the HOT Spicy dishes.  If not in the Shoals where is the closest that is out there now?  New Orleans?

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They both are 100$ authentic. 

Tim's is more of a Cajun food overall whereas the Po Boy factory is geared more towards seafood.

 Both are good and both have limited hours of operation. Both have a continuously large number of patrons when you visit.

 My last visit was the Po Boy factory, had the soft shell crab po boy which is very rare to find away from the coast. The crab itself was not as large as what I have had while on the coast but I was impressed with it nonetheless.

As an update, specifically with respect to Seafood Gumbo, and Chicken & Sausage Gumbo I can gladly report that I've found a great replacement for New Orleans Transfer's Gumbo and that is  from Lash's Seafood Market and/or Restaurant.  The Gumbo is actually made at the Seafood market and taken to the Restaurant when that location is open.  So along with the fresh Gulf Shrimp when I get in a mood for Gumbo I now can go to Lash's Seafood Market/Restaurant.

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