OMG!! Lefties Please Get a Grip-This Little Boy Isn't Allowed to Remain Enrolled at His School — Simply Because He Is Black

What about the ones that can't stay and are white!!? Race baiting and misleading, fact twisting headlines, stuff the stinking left is made of!!

the Assistant School Principal, Janet Moak, also said "She has heard from parents of white students who are also unable to participate in transfer programs and believes it is time to revisit the rules."


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Neal Maher

As usual half the story. There has to be more to it than this but either the author is too freaking lazy to pursue the details or excludes them because they diminish the drama he/she is trying to create. What a world, cannot trust the politicians, cannot trust the media, cannot trust the police, cannot trust our neighbors. Might as well go back to living in caves, with lions guarding the entrance.
Robert Smith
Neal it doesn't fit the BLM agenda so they just mislead the under educated IDIOTS into believing that Ole Whitey, (BUGGY MAN), is out to get them again. The black people need to understand that even if all of the white people on Earth was gone who would take care of them. It wouldn't take long for the entire Earth to be in the same shape as Chitcago, Dedtroit, LA., and the rest of the black cities around the world.
Joe George ·
This writer is as bigoted and dishonest as a Democrat can get. This is in fact a 'race' issue, but she is distorting facts to make it a 'racist' issue. The law she is talking about was designed to 'integrate' the school system. So if a black family moved into a white suburb they couldn't not be forced to attend the predominantly black school they came from. The law ensured that the black child could attend the 'white' school in their new neighborhood. The headline should read: Decades Old Transfer Law Designed to Help Black Children May Actually Harm Them.

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