It's still the heat of summer but only one month until the start of College Football games.  This is the time of year that I look forward to what with the kids going back to school and College football starting up.  Unfortunately though it only highlights how fast time actually does pass as it only seems like yesterday that the 2016 National Championship was being played.

As for the SEC it's going to be interesting to see who stands up and takes over the SEC East this year, I believe it will either be Florida or Georgia and I think that if Tennessee loses it's opener to Georgia Tech that Butch Jones is going to have a rough year of it.  Most die hard Vol fans say that Tennessee has to win the east this year in order for Butch Jones to feel comfortable but yet others say that it's necessary that Tennessee beats Florida and/or Georgia and Alabama.  Either way we should know something by the third game when Tennessee and Florida play.   Odds are that it's time that Tennessee gets back on a winning streak but actually Butch Jones had the team that they should have won with last year with Dobbs quarterbacking his senior year.  Tennessee lost games that they never should have lost but isn't that typical Tennessee.

As for the SEC West all eyes are on Alabama but I actually think that Auburn bears watching and could give Alabama a run for the SEC West Championship.  Either way I think this year will be make or break for Texas A&M as they historically (in the SEC) start out great but falter mid-season to the end, of course that usually starts with the meeting of Alabama. 

I think Alabama will be an interesting team to watch this year as new players contend for open positions and to take over for players that have now gone to the NFL.  Many will have their eyes on the Quarterback position and see if Hurts can demonstrate that he does have control of the long ball now and can open up the passing game.  One thing is for sure and that is he has some real competition coming along behind him and it's going to be interesting how Nick Saban decides to play the two .  Aside from the Quarterback position there are several Defensive and Offensive line positions up for grabs but I think that the most interesting competition will be at running back and Alabama is once again loaded with talent, in that area.  Frankly I'm also going to be glad for the cooler days that come with the fall football season as well. 

Finally outside the SEC eyes will be on the competition in the Big 10 between Ohio State and Michigan but if last year was any indication there may be some additional players that look to create a name for themselves at Wisconsin and at Penn State.  Then in the ACC don't neglect the annual tug of war match between Clemson and Florida State as both will contend for their place at the top of the ACC but people shouldn't write off Miami for I believe that Mark Richt will surprise a lot of people this year and I believe that Louisville will be a disappointment and that Lamar Jackson will fail to meet the expectations that many will have for him coming into this season what with his being named the 2016 Heisman Award winner.    People will also be looking to see if Oregon can regain their luster that they lost but had under Chip Kelly and as always USC will be a question as to just how good they will be with their reservoir of talent they have to draw from.  Maybe there will be a dark horse team that no one is looking for that jumps out to the front and surprises everyone.  As for Notre Dame fans they are going to be on pins and needles to see if last year was just a fluke or if they need to start looking for another coach this year.  It seems like Notre Dame has done nothing but disappoint after they ran into Alabama in the National Championship game but then the same could be said for Texas as well. 

Yeah another year of College Football is upon us and I'm glad to see it come around once again.  Roll Tide & War Eagle.  Another interesting thing to watch is what will happen among Georgia fans if Kirby Smart doesn't fulfill expectations and win the East and Mark Richt brings Miami back to the forefront of the ACC.  People will be second guessing the decision to run Richt off in favor of bringing Kirby Smart over from Alabama.  One thing about College ball and that is that almost no one has a "safe" job but at least the coaches that have to deal with insecurity year after year ate still very well compensated for their failures and inability to meet fan expectations.

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I agree no one will over take Alabama in the west this year.  In the east tho add Missouri to that watch. They should come out with a high powered offense, question will defense be able to hold off enough points. Their head coach is a past defensive coach and last year after he made some changes they beat Arkansas soundly. 

it only seems like yesterday that the 2016 National Championship was being played. - gbrk

No small wonder.  Seems like ESPNU replays the game about every other week or more.  Who hasn't memorized the last 8 seconds of the game by now?

I agree no one will over take Alabama in the west this year. - 1130

Said that more than a couple of times pre-season myself and been proven wrong.

I'm more than ready for a new season.  Just wish AU was ranked 25th or lower so I could have higher expectations.



This Alabama fan is concerned (slightly) with Auburn as a viable contender in the west.  Unlike most Alabama fans though I believe if Alabama is upset I would rather it be by Auburn rather than LSU or even Texas A&M.  At least with Auburn we keep it in the State of Alabama. 

I didn't think about Missouri but they did have some good success when they joined the SEC (east) years ago so you may have something there much to the chagrin of many Tennessee fans who surely are miffed over Tennessee not being chosen as a preseason top 25 team.  Then to Missouri was left out to. 

I was also surprised. Michigan wasn't ranked higher in the preseason top 25.  Penn State was picked high and Wisconsin given so love as well.  Michigan seems to be becoming the Big 10 team you love to hate, a title I thought Ohio State has sewed up.  Play Ball!

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