The economy is going great and unemployment is at historic lows among minorities and Hispanics and the Stock Market is reaching new highs under Trump but not everything is positive.  Trump, the Republicans, and/or the Democrats have yet to tame the deficit.  The United States is still spending far too much and unless someone can get a handle on spending we are not going to be as great again as we used to be. 

Democrats don't need to be gleeful though because all you have to do is look at Obama's terms and Spending had a huge increase.  The upward trend however really started to explode under Bush 43 but the greatest jump happened under Obama, most likely with the stimulus give-a-ways.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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and all the democrat platforms call for spending,,,,    Sad neither party has done anything to bring our bills down.   But then anytime someone talks about cutting something, people come out crying about how cruel.   We for some reason think we are to support people rather than just assist... free phones, etc.   Then take the local charities give kids product better than I can buy for my kids.      

Only answer I ever hear is vote to rob the rich.     

The unforeseen money drain Trump faces is the expense of the
invasion from the boarder, rebuilding of the military that was left
decimated, proven his innocence of the Democrat manufactured
crimes which were false, then having to prosecute the treasonous
crimes of the DNC. 


There's more waste of money/time items from the Dems and
more to come.

Whoever won the election in 2016 inherited the out of control budgets of the future that are on autopilot to bankrupt us. It takes Congress to change that; the president can only agree or disagree (Veto). The real money is in the "Mandatory Budget" (Entitlements) and not the "Discretionary Budget" (Defense, transportation, foreign aid, etc.).



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