Demoted to a $65,000/year job, while having no work history, no verifiable skilllset, and two convictions for DUI. Plus, his benefits and pension contribution put him at $80,000/year, or about twice what a teacher with a four year degree earns starting out. Walker is an amoral punk, and his recall is coming.
Two DUIs, my lord! What does the man think -- that he's a Kennedy!

Governor Walker down graded his appoint. Obama didn't do that to the plethora of tax cheats he appointed. Did they ever pay up?

You may as well be typing with invisible ink as none of the far left liberals will ever "see" this post.
There are some major differences, Cage.

First, these people had QUALIFICATIONS for the jobs, unlike this uneducated bum whom Walker appointed simply because his lobbyist Daddy had donated so much money (with the possibility of more to come!)

Second, Obama was not aware of the tax problems his appointees had until AFTER he chose them, unlike Walker who knew his lobbyist friend's child was an uneducated bum.

Third, most of them withdrew vonuntarily, unlike this uneducated bum who would've kept this cushy job if he could have.
Walker chose to go with the kid he was told to hire and overlook other qualified candidates.

The first [potential candidate] Oscar Herrera, is a former state cabinet secretary under Republican Gov. Scott McCallum with a doctoral degree and eight years’ experience overseeing the cleanup of petroleum-contaminated sites.

The second, Bernice Mattsson, is a professional engineer who served since 2003 in the post to which Deschane was appointed.

Herrera and Mattsson didn’t get far in the process.

“Neither candidate was interviewed,” said agency spokesman Tony Hozeny.
Deschane resigns from state job

A report in the Journal Sentinel's No Quarter column this week highlighted how Deschane, who has no college degree, very little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions, had landed an $81,500-per-year job in Walker's administration overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce.

The report ran on Monday. On Tuesday, Deschane was demoted from that post to a job as a bureau director at the state Department of Regulation and Licensing, a post he took in mid-January at an annual salary of $64,728.

Sources indicated that he never reported for that job.

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