Money and Promises of Immortality abound today.  And there are many scientist that are selling that immortality for humans is a possibility and many wealthy are buying it and at a steep price. 

I personally, from a religious reason, do not believe that immortality is achievable for humankind but then it may be possible that a person's life can be extended for years to come but you can bet it will come at a very steep price.  The crazy thing is that this is something that if ever perfected and could add even 50 years to a life it would be for the rich because to make something like this achievable for most people would mean, most likely, a huge increase in the world's population.  Then the question would be who would deserve it.  You can also imagine that some of the worst despots and dictators would quickly try and achieve such a status so they could repress and murder all that many more of their citizens. 

I can think of many reasons why this could turn in to a nightmare scenario but it is something that scientist are trying to do now and for a select few.  But when you speak about eternity from a religious aspect then you are quickly dismissed as being radical or crazy.  Eternity is a reality but it is a Spiritual reality and not a physical one.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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If humans do find a way to greatly extend ones lifespan, other science fiction notions had better come to pass as well, such as space travel. I suspect that the elites would initiate mass postpartum abortions for population control.

I'm not sure if such a thing should ever be done, humanity playing god never works out well.


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