I was looking at an online article about  NORAD  and I got to thinking just what are some of the most restricted places out there?  I used to work at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant and had to go through a background check and pass a certain status in order to maintain access to the areas I worked in the plant.  Being in Communications our room and equipment was located in a very secure area of the plant, such that I don't know that I can even mention where it was today.  I don't think it's classified or don't remember but I also don't want to take the chance of saying where it was, so I won't but it was a restricted area that not every employee in the plant could access.  

That said some of the other places that I could think of was of course the White House, Air Force One, and places like Area 51 but one of the places that I think is the hardest to get access to, even for politicians or people in Washington, is Fort Knox, in Kentucky.  I've heard that Fort Knox is one of the most difficult areas to gain access to for even Government officials and that has led to speculation that the Nation's Gold Reserves have been depleted and is no longer there.  Anyway just curious what others think is the most secure place in the nation (I know there are many). 

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The storage areas for excess nuclear devices, for example, Nellis AFB in Nevada. 

The Mt. Weather, VA, Emergency Operations Ctr for FEMA and the alternate site for the Executive Branch of the government.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, site for NORAD. 

 North Korea... the closed off society.

Svalbard Seed Vault:

Was trying to find out the name of the facility & exact location where "Seeds" are stored from around the world.. in case we or someone else destroys all life on the planet... Turned out it was in Norway. The Arctic Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, 120 meters inside a limestone mountain.

Also; Ran across an area I have never hear of..."Dulce Base", This one kinda intrigued my interest. Since we all have heard of Area 51, Groom Lake, Ft.Knox, etc. Got my attention based upon the Secret Black Projects that occur around the Globe, by many nations. The Claim is, it is/was a secret base said to be a joint government-alien biogenetic laboratory that carries out experiments on humans and animals. A giant conspiracy? Interestingly, a man called Phil Schneider claimed to have helped build an entrance to the top-secret base.

So, who is Phil Schneider?  Well,I wouldn't want to be "That Guy"!! He's Dead Now, But here's his story.. It kept my attention while reading, maybe another well written shell game Article that actually doesn't exist. Just keeps everyone guessing.



I can remember, back in the Clinton years, when things were much more open and during a safety meeting at Norfolk, VA we drove over to the military Naval base.  Sadly there were no Carriers in to see but there was a Nuclear Sub being fueled or loaded and we stopped to view just what was going on there.

Before we knew it some guy in an officer's uniform crept behind the vehicle that we were in and it was noticeable he was writing down information about our vehicle.   I'm quite sure we were on someone's radar for the next few hours/days/weeks but nothing was ever said.  I would have loved to have been able to arrange a tour of either a working, active, Carrier or Sub but I know that was impossible then (at least for me) and now is totally out of the question what with everything going on in the world today.    

Then I hear about a delegation of folks getting to actually ride on an active nuclear sub out around Hawaii and they actually allowed someone to set at the helm up and until they did an emergency blow directly under a Japanese touring vessel hitting it.   

I had a co-worker that served on the Independence Carrier and he would talk about when the Nukes would be moved and how they were constantly under Marine guard and how the guards would accompany them where ever they would go.  He said you didn't want to get caught out of place during one of those moves because of the seriousness of the security surrounding them.  

Truth is there are many highly secured places around that none of us will ever really know the truth about and I guess it has to be that way in a world like we live in.  Still many are interesting to think about.

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