Oprah best hope for 2020


So the Democrats, or some of them, are salivating that they might have a sure fire candidate to run and defeat Donald Trump in 2020.  I can see a few problems in that.  For one I can't see Oprah actually wanting to run for President other than potentially being the first Woman to hold the office.  The duties and the commitment along with the many things that age a person that holds the job surely wouldn't be that attractive to one of the worlds richest women. 

The prospect of Politics alone would be daunting to anyone knowing that when they ran it would be open season on your personal life along with everything else during the time you ran and if you won you would be living in a bubble and under a microscope tied to the office.  I just don't know that Oprah would want to do that but then the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome that has set in among America's liberals is unequaled and has surely caused many to enter the realms of insanity so it is possible.  At least much of the horrible testing and abuse that a candidate would face would be greatly mitigated due to the fact that the media, as a whole would circle the wagons and greatly defend and conceal her.  That if anything might tempt her to take a chance.

That said I expect that the Democrats will field a larger than ever group of politicians and business people along with others to run against Trump feeling that come 2020 Trump will be hated by the entire Nation and that whoever runs would be a shew in.  One thing is for sure if the Democrat candidate was to win you can rest assured that there would be no chance they would claim any influence by any foreign power or anything other than a legitimate election.  

The only reason you hear about Russian influence (which didn't happen, or at least wasn't a factor in Trumps win) was only because Hillary lost and Hillary along with the entire liberal Democrat nation and media knew that things were rigged in her favor and that along with the polls there was no way that she could lose.  They never factored in that she was such a flawed candidate and that Trump was actually running on things whereas Hillary was running on Elect me the First Woman or elect me because I'm a woman, and vote AGAINST Donald Trump and thus for me.   It's only because she lost when they were so sure they had it won that they are seeking any port in the storm to accuse for her actual loss other than her being the worst candidate ever.

So I'll look for a pretty and attractive candidate to run in 2020 for they will go to any stretch or means in order to beat Trump next election, and I'm sure of that. 

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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