Our Nation has been taken over and we just didn't now it


When politically appointed Federal Judges can overturn Presidential directives and overturn legitimate electorial outcomes then they have become unelected dictators in their own rights.

When Trump makes a directive, executive order, within the rights and powers of the Office of the President and a group of political opponents can then have that oveerturned or stopped from a politically appointed Judge then we have reached a dangerous point in or Nation.  Here you have a politically appointed federal Judge overturning a Presidential directive that the President is well within his power to issue and nothing is done about it.  The Supreme Court should immediatly get involved in such cases and shut down such efforts as it's nothing less than a political takeover of our Nation.  

Likewise if you remember that not too long ago voters of California voted to ban homosexual marriages or some proposition like that and some single appointed federal jjudge just overturned the results of the election on his own. Never mind that the Judge was Gay, himself, thus had a reason to recuse himself, he overturned the whole election result of those voters who came and legally cast ballots.  

It seems to me when we have politically appointed Federal Judges that have that kind of power and can do this without any penalty or censure then we have a quasi unelected government operating that can circumvent and overrule our existing government.  Where is the Supreme Court in cases like this?  There should be ways to remove judges that abuse their position and go outsides the Constitution in order to achieve political goals.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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I quit being surprised by Orats in 2010. Remember when the
media made a fool of themselves about Palin, their main reason
was they didn't have a chance to vet her, they still hate her but
 all the vetting of mobumer was never and will never be released.
I believe the book of truth about mobum is written, trying to find
a publisher might be a different story. 
gbrk posted:

It isn't how close to the edge we are that surprises me but rather it's the fact that so many would still vote for the very people that would push us over that surprises/shocks me.

It's sad to say but Aristotle might have been right: some people are slaves by nature. If the party says it's so, then it's so. 

I don't care if those people want the nanny state to think for them, but those intellectually lazy people want to force me to give up my individual God given or natural rights, subvert my votes, and tell me how to think. I believe that for many folks who took part in the Revolutionary Way and the War of Southern Secession that those people felt that were being treated as second class citizens. I would remind those who would be masters of those who don't want to be slaves by laws or socialist conventions might hear from the "silent majority" yet again.

You see so many liberals, College Professors, and Democrats carrying the mantra about anything to do with slavery and doing away with statues or anything like that yet we have slavery alive and actively going on today and for similar causes.  You actually have to condoned forms of slavery one female slavery where you have massage parlors and other places of prostitution where women from Asia or South America are brought into the country and forced to work as effectual slaves and their taskmasters are pimps. 

Another form of Slavery is that where Illegals are working on fields and farms for sub-par wages and are held there by fears of deportation or being turned over to the Government.  Also there are Hollywood stars and several very wealthy people who keep slaves or as they call them maids but they are women who are kept here in effectual slavery as they take care of the stars families and houses doing extremely hard work for little to no pay and no doubt that some end up being used for sexual favors just like it was back in the 1800's.   

Funny you don't have a great outcry over those current forms of slavery, and you don't have people being freed or taking a keen interest in making sure that these maids aren't kept in slavery or going after the pimps and people that enslave these women because there are surely people that know who they are and where they are working or being forced to work.  These current day liberals would rather go and remove all statues and do the easy things.  Quite typical.

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