The bad news is, and I heard this from an Outback employee, the Sheffield location of Outback Steakhouse will be closing sometime next year.

The good news - Outback Steakhouse will be building a new location in Florence next year, before the actual closing of the Sheffield Location.  In effect, they are moving the location of the restaurant from Sheffield to Florence.  The actual location though hasn't been revealed but I have heard, from one person, that it will be somewhere around the area of the Buffalo Wild Wings which may mean on the lot area behind Buffalo Wild Wings and in front of one of the two motels back behind Logans.  


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Have always had good experiences at the Sheffield location, however had terrible service at the Homewood location (I think is where) and haven't been back to an Outback since.

 I can see how the current location in Sheffield is out of the way and a better location would certainly attract more business.

Several months ago I heard Outback Steakhouse would either renovate in Sheffield (to give the location the new look the Tupelo, MS location has) or build  new location in Florence, AL. If what you heard is correct then I do wonder if the Sheffield city council voting to ban smoking in basically all public places had something to do with it. Outback Steakhouse has a patio that up until now you have been able to smoke on. Maybe Sheffield, AL will reverse their vote if they lose businesses. The problem is though that if Sheffield isn't doing well it might turn some potential businesses away from the entire Shoals worried about failure, which wouldn't be good. Sad how 1 cities decision might could hurt the other 3.

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