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Our dogs are hysterical! I opened the door to let them out this morning; one dog tore out running towards the pier and right into the river (the fool), the other tinkled on the steps and went and got back in the bed. At present the now only mildly damp pooch is in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket, and the smart pooch is buried deep under the covers in the bed.
Originally posted by RoadHawg:
8 inches! (holding thumb and forefinger 2 ACTUAL inches apart)

yep, you are definitely a

Dolly the Pug went out on the deck while it was still snowing, looked up and barked at the sky, then came in and went back to bed.
My son didn't want to go outside, but he looked out every window to make sure it snowed all the way around the house.... then came giggles, squeals and happy dances.

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