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I had a Samsung Note 4 before and I know there is a lot improved but the iPhone Just worked better, quicker and the biggest difference was the battery life and the iPhone far exceeded the battery life of the Note.  Another thing with the Android System was I was always having to boost the phone or do the housekeeping for the phone, closing Apps that shouldn't be running where Apple does a lot better job handling the inner housekeeping.

Then there are some areas that I felt that the Android System was better and had some Apps that were superior to those that were in the iOS system. So there were advantages to both systems but I still believe that the iPhone battery life is far better but I do think Samsung has improved 'it.

What I took from it was that Apple, who historically has kept all their Operating Systems and Software secret has had some super hacker be able to discover Apples root code, or the first program that runs when you turn on your iPhone. Users never see that program nor can you run it because it is hidden deep inside the iPhone and tells the iPhone how to run and how to run other programs.

The danger, to users, is if other hackers copied the code, while it was out in the open, then they can write code to take advantage of the iPhone. They can make viruses or malware or spyware or worse keyloggers to steal passwords or account numbers. Doesnt mean they will but just gives them or some hackers the knowledge of how to get around Apple's protections. Apple though will in turn, you can bet, rewrite parts of that code/program on future updates making all this useless anyway.

The other thing it can do is allow someone to "Jailbreak"the iPhone meaning allowing some programmers write programs for the iPhone that Apple wouldn't ordinarily allow to run on the iPhone or allow it to be controlled in ways Apple may not approve of. That's not always a bad thing either. Androids have the ability to be jail broke for a long time and for those that know what they are doing can give the phone user more power.

peede coober 2 posted:

Well I have an I-phone and read the article but it's all Greek to me. 

I'll agree with the point you just made, I'll also say, just like so many
of the greatest inventions there's always the criminal minded to
screw up a good thing. Our system of discipline is too weak to be
as effective as it should for the advanced technologies and openly
defiant abuse of existing laws.   
Especially the various illegal felons of multiple races  guilty of
extremely violent acts.
Our lawmakers and their laws are antiquated for the world we
attempt to live in today.

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