The Democrats have used their forum in the Senate Trial of Trump's impeachment to throughout things that are totally not relevant in the case and seeking to isolate the Bidens from being revealed for their corruption during the Obama term.  Pam Bondi, however, used her time before the Senate to lay out precisely the history of Biden's son (Hunter) and Burisma along with with dollars and Biden's bragging about getting the Ukrainian investigator fired.  

You can just imagine the seething anger of the Democrats as they had to sit silently throughout this highly detailed accounting of Hunter Biden's activities and his dad's actions getting the prosecutor fired.  You can imagine that there are so many of the mainstream media's commentators and reporters also seething over the Republicans and the President's team's highly detailed accounting of this.


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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The difference is the Drats dealt with fiction and they still haven't realized
how badly they've soiled their nest to pit hearsay against proof.  
 They are knee deep in it and aren't bothered at all about the crap
they track all over their House. The whining won't stop for years.
Robot Unicorn posted:

That's funny. I'm a Democrat as are the majority of my friends. Not a single one of us is mad. We just can't figure out why Republicans want to impeach Hunter Biden. We thought this was Trump's Impeachment.

Your not mad because you still live free, why do you want that freedon
taken away by the commies..??

There may well be a profound split in the current Democratic party as the group defined by Bernie Sanders and the squad is showing signs of being so far left of even left leaning Democrats such as Obama and Schumer and Pelosi.   Their socialist agenda of totality open borders and free everything will surely move most odd the illegals that they want to give voting rights to, over to there side leaving a fractured Democrat party. 

AOC is already holding back donated money in an attempt to primary fellow Democrats whom are not radical enough for her.  Time will tell just how many will fall on the extreme socialist side. 

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