Panera Bread Coming To Muscle Shoals?

Today while passing the Muscle Shoals Publix construction I noticed another sign in addition to the signs for Publix. I only got a brief look at it, but it seemed to have the Panera logo with the words coming soon or opening soon next to it. If that is correct, then it appears Panera bread will open somewhere in the shopping center. I am guessing Panera would build in front, but Panera could go in one of the buildings they have already built.

Is the Shoals big enough for 2 Panera Bread locations? We have already seen the Florence K-Mart and the Florence Ruby Tuesday close, leaving only the Muscle Shoals locations open. Of course the Shoals does have 2 Logan's as of now.

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Panera Bread was cited not long ago as being the one quick order type restaurant where people end up spending the most money at, on average.   I like Panera Bread and while I haven't seen the sign you have I think it's ironic that they would open a Muscle Shoals branch.  The reason I say that is Sweet Pepper's, in Muscle Shoals was going to build a second location in the Publix Shopping center then Panera Bread beat them to it.  Sweet Pepper's never did open a Florence location and now Panera is moving in on their side of the river.

Panera Bread is a good place to eat and I like their Broccoli Cheese soup best from among their offerings but I don't care as much for their pastries but I know everything is said to be very fresh.  I think they do, though, bring in their breads and pastries from another location, fresh each day/morning to their stores but I don't know where they are actually brought from.   Atlanta Bread is another establishment along the same kind and venue as Panera Bread and I think there is one in Huntsville.   


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