Papadopoulos' Guilty Plea

Papadopoulos impeded the FBI investigation by lying about his contacts with Russian officials. At no time did campaign supervisors take him up on a meeting with the officials.  Still the big question is:  Is Julian Assange a Russian plant or operative?  For months Democrats have claimed he wasn't, now they claim he is.  Assange states the emails were provided by a disgruntled Democrat in the campaign.

Excerpts from the Washington Post:

"The documents show Papadopoulos lied to federal agents about his interactions with the professor, saying their conversations predated his involvement with the campaign and indicating he believed the professor had low-level contacts in Russia. In fact, he knew that the professor had ties to senior levels of the Russian government, according to court papers."

"The Post has reported that Papadopoulos repeatedly emailed top campaign aides to set up such meetings, and some emails show his offers were rebuffed.

However, court documents demonstrate that Papadopoulos had ongoing communications with his Russian contacts and campaign officials about the possibility of an off the record trip he might take to Moscow to help facilitate ties."

Papadopoulos' guilty plea.




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