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Lately the wife and I have chosen the Parmesan Crusted Chicken when we visited Longhorn Steakhouse.  We love the Outlaw (bone-in) Ribeye and it's quite a bit more expensive but have enjoyed the Parmesan Crusted Chicken so much that I felt it was worth mentioning in case someone was planning to visit Longhorn and didn't know what they might try.  We have also found that Longhorn does an extremely good job with their Prime Rib, serving a much leaner piece of meat than other places with a similar offering such as Outback or Logans or Texas Roadhouse.  

Frankly for Ribeye Steak the wife and I prefer Ohh Bryans in Tuscumbia over most other places but find that Georges, Outback and Longhorn also serves up a very high quality piece of Ribeye.

If Prime Rib is what you desire then Longhorn is very good but I also believe that Outback has one of the best Prime Rib selections in the Shoals area and also Legends in downtown Florence has a very good Prime Rib selection.  I hate that Ruby Tuesdays closed their Florence location because I always got a better meal at the Florence location than I did at the Muscle Shoals location but for a hamburger Ruby Tuesdays is a very good restaurant and serves one heck of a good burger.  Staggs and Five Guys also server a good homemade type burger but Staggs has very limited hours and their location isn't the easiest to get to at times.  I hope in the coming new year to give Applebees, Chili's and some of the Steakhouse chains a try for their Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers but I still have to admit that the absolute best Cheeseburger I have ever purchased out came from a restaurant called "Houstons" that I dined at while living in the Atlanta Georgia area.  Can't put my finger on exactly why it was best but it just was and it's one of the things I miss about the Atlanta area.  One of the few things,  

For Pizza I have to recommend that Pie Factory which is in Downtown Florence across the street from Jimmy John's, and Ricatonis.  I used to like Ricatonis but lately I have not been impressed with their pasta offerings and other dishes so something there has changed and not for the better.  I still go to Olive Garden for pasta dishes and if you like the Pie Factory's pizzas they are opening a second location in the Publix shopping center in Muscle Shoals. 

If you are looking for Chicken though I highly recommend Longhorn's Parmesan crusted Chicken over any and all other restaurants.   If it's Southern Fried Chicken though I, personally, like Champy's best and it's always super fresh and hot but you do have to wait for it while it cooks.  For fast order Fried Chicken, of the Chains, I prefer Popeyes but at times KFC is also very good but I just don't think that the KFC in Florence, near Red Lobster, is as clean and is in need of a remodel.   I'm sure there are other very good places for fried Chicken but those are the two I seem to find I like best but I'm more than willing to try others in the coming year so maybe someone on the board/forum will have some contributions that may present some other sources of great Southern Fried Chicken.  I also don't want to leave out the fried Chicken Tenders because we used to love going to Princeton's and Court Street Cafe for their great Chicken Tenders so if you miss those the best alternatives are Sam's Grill in the old Demo's restaurant and they also have great ribs and also the Chicken tenders at New Orleans Transfer Restaurant on Wilson Dam Road. 

For Shrimp and Seafood I have to say that I prefer Georges butterflied shrimp and their Seafood platter is the only one where you can get Fried, or baked, Red Snapper.  New Orleans Transfer's shrimp is also very tasty as is Outback Steakhouses Fried Shrimp and surprisingly it's not that expensive.  Red Lobster is also very good Seafood and actually we've had pretty good luck, lately, even at Captain D's.  Likewise if you like Cod Fish then Cracker Barrel's Friday fish fry is great for Cod Fish.  I hated the catfish that I got at Cracker Barrel and wouldn't recommend catfish to anyone eating there. 

For Catfish there are several good places such as Newburns and Swamp Johns but Homeside (on Old Huntsville Rd) offers and All You Can Eat Catfish dinner on Fridays with either bone in or boneless filets and their price for that is much better than any of the other catfish places you will find.  I just haven't tried it yet to be able to advise on the taste and quality of their fish but I hope to soon.

Well that's my personal opinion for some specific foods around this time of year and it also beats discussing Religion or Politics so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, which includes a Happy Optimistic New Year.

Bon Appetite

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I'm just curious.   If any of you have tried the Parmesan Crusted Chicken at Longhorn I'm wondering if you agree about it being a very tasty dish/selection?  

They have two sizes.  A lighter size and their regular size so many order the lighter size and still get plenty.

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