Part of Obama's Legacy

It will remain part of Obama's legacy or a casualty of his Administration.  As many remember GM (General Motors, aka Government Motors after the bailout) received a bailout from the Government along with Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge and as everyone knows Government money doesn't come cheap or without strings/conditions so in March 2009 the Government got into the auto business.

One of the conditions for the GM agreed to was downsizing and as a result GM cancelled, closed, eliminated three brands (Pontiac, Saturn, & Hummer).  Now Hummer and Saturn did fill niches within GM's line but as for Pontic I believe that was a HUGE mistake but maybe that's just me.  But since it is me I'll say I miss the Pontiac brand and wish it was back.  there is some enterprising person, in Florida I believe, that will take a Camaro and convert it to a Trans-AM Firebird using the new Camaro body style as if GM did it itself.  There is even a signed (by Burt Reynolds) black "Bandit" edition and it as well as the other conversions go for quite a price to a collector that is willing to pay for it.  Still though it's a Camaro.  

Although I liked the Camaros I loved the Trans-AM's T-Tops and Firebirds as well as the Bonneville and GTO (affectionately called GOATs by some).  To me that was a bad GM Mistake but then the Government was calling the shots and it was their bail out money so bye bye Pontiac.

Now regarding Chrysler and what they gave up.  Well for one thing a lot of dealerships and by some quirky coincidence the majority of the closed ones happen to have belonged to Republican donors.  I'm sure just a happenstance thing or so that's what I have gleaned from some press reports through the years but frankly I don't know if it's true or not.  Also unknown is if more damage would have been done if the Government had let the chips fall where they may and risk a total bankruptcy of Chrysler and GM.  Frankly I believe it would have been worse and I'm not that opposed to the bail out just the cost of Pontiac as I didn't think it was a losing brand for GM but who knows better than those that saw the figures.  As for Ford they were helped by the Government bail out also .. by not taking it many rewarded them with their business. 

Even today many hold a grudge about GM and Chrysler having to be bailed out and feel that business should have paid for their big mistakes and they should have been let go bankrupt.  Even with that and the loss I believe it was more for a benefit for the nation that the bailout happened but I'm still not happen that Pontiac was a casualty of the whole thing.   But maybe that's just me!

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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