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The store looks very good and from what I understand it's going to open for business on May 9th or there about.   Looks like they are ready now to open but I know looks can be deceiving.  Anyway Zaxby's will make a good addition to the WalMart property off Cloverdale Road but I wonder how many others are planning to build out that area?  Someone I was talking to the other day said Sonic was looking to build another location either off Cloverdale Rd or out Killen but neither seemed a likely rumor to me as they have that location on Helton and I doubt they would close it or build one as close to the existing one. 

Then again who can explain the new Ricks BBQ location being as close to Florence as it is.  I guess stranger things have happened.

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I usually get the Chicken tenders and fries and while the chicken tenders, at least for my part, don't seem to have too much salt on the Chicken Tenders the Fries seem very salty so I've started asking for light seasoning on the fries, when I order, and they have been much better.

Zaxby's uses their own seasoning salt on the fries and the potato chips so by asking for either light seasoning or no seasoning then they aren't nearly as salty but on the other hand the buttered toast is very salty tasting.

If you get a chance you might try the onion rings as well because they are pretty good.  Not as good as Buffalo Wild Wings who have the best onion rings in the area but they are pretty good.

Zaxby's also has punch cards which makes your 10th purchase a free one so if you eat there often then be sure to ask for one of the punch cards and have them check it off every visit.

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