USS Portland displays a "Star War's" type weapon system in a successful test.  In what is surely a sign of things to come in modern technological warfare Laser Weapons have come into their own especially against targets such as yet another sign of modern warfare, the drone.  

The US Navy along with surely all other Military branches have started implementing Laser weapons that have been in development for many years and are now just becoming operational.  One can only imagine what the future will look like as well as future Wars or Military Conflicts.  Russia has already been experimenting with Robotic Soldiers and are in the process of replacing, or assisting, field soldiers with robotic soldiers, that they hope will become a future fighting force for Russia.

I'm sure there will always be a place in war for man and mankind to participate but the future can be fascinating yet frightening with many of the "future tech" weapons we know about and worse the ones that we don't know about that are surely in development.  I doubt we would be able to count on a future war where only Military targets were selectively targeted rather than collateral damage implementing destruction and death on civilian populations.  Even if that day arrives you can bet that there will be horrendous leaders that will target innocents or civilian populations just because they can and desire to.  

This memorial day let us remember those who lost their lives defending our freedoms and not take those freedoms for granted lest we lose them.  In a very dangerous world where Nuclear war is an everpresent possibility, it's comforting to know that we have an ever-present deterrent to nations that may have nefarious intent toward our Nation's stability and I'm talking about those brave sailors aboard our Nation's Nuclear Submarines often serving most of their terms under the ocean setting down there as a deterrent. To understand just how huge a deterrent those Ohio Class subs are one only has to research the list of Nuclear Nations and the number of their deployed Nuclear missiles/weapons.  

  1. The United States 1600 deployed Nuclear weapons
  2. Russia.             1600 deployed Nuclear weapons
  3. France                280 deployed Nuclear weapons
  4. 14 OHIO Class Nuclear Submarine, each can carry 24 Trident weapons each having multiple warheads


Okay, not a Nation or Country but the fact is that the firepower that one of these submarines means that each carries more nuclear weapon power than the 4th and forward Nuclear Nations have deployed.  That alone, considering there are 14 of them potentially dispatched and placed around the world, should give pause to any power that contemplates an attack on our nation, and I'm sure it is in their minds.  

That said you can bet if we are moved against it will most likely be from within and again those military men, our human soldiers, and law enforcement officials are what stands between any adversary, foreign or domestic, that stands against our Constitutional freedoms.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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That's what the man meant by carry a big stick, I believe Americans have
a big enough stick, big enough to keep the peace. 
While we're at we should rid the country of all UN personal, Chinese spies,
Islamics and the DNC....

One of our histories greatest moves and plots was that of and by Ronald Reagan with "Star Wars".  He, and many in his Administration, wanted Star Wars and convinced the Russians and others that they had it to the point that Russia spent itself into bankruptcy, as a Nation, thereby reaching the point where the Cold War was no more.  Star Wars was then pie in the sky but was a reality to the Russians who couldn't compete and overcome it nor could they infiltrate deep enough to steal it or to verify that it actually didn't work and wasn't actually implemented.  

It should be proof to any (current or future) Russian leader that the US is and was not a nation seeking to overcome and occupy them as when they were at their most venerable we not only didn't take advantage of our military opportunities but we actually attempted to help them restore their nation and attempted to bring them in as a friend.  

Sadly there was enough of the old distrusting politicians and political party members who wanted to restore Russia to the old days of the USSR even though much of the USSR had freed itself from the grasp of the Russian Bear and form their own nation and government independent of Russia, such as Ukraine, Poland, and others.  Time will tell if Russia, and its leaders, are successful in re-establishing political control over those nations that left.  I doubt that all former USSR partner States will return, willingly, but it's possible that enough Russian sympathetic leaning leaders would make moves to rejoin Russia given social-economic changes that are occurring in the European Union Member States.  

Then again I know so very little about those politics and goings-on these days I could be easily mistaken.  I do though believe that our major adversary today is more China than it is Russia and the seemingly friendly state of affairs between Russia and China creates a very dangerous situation for our Nation going forward.  Then again given the proximity of Russia and China to each other along with enough economic differences and natural distrust that exist,  between the two anything could happen but the natural hatred, of the two, toward the United States alone could be enough to continue to overcome any of those differences and distrust where they exist.

Russia may still have the sheer numbers of weapons aligned against the United States but China has two far more dangerous things going for it.  Greatly increased technological advantages, much of which we financed and provided to them, the greatest economical strength they have ever experienced and had again much of which we have contributed to, and lastly, if not more influential in being a threat and that is the willingness and desire to be a world political power and player whereas before they were far more concerned with their own geographical barriers and maintaining their own stability rather than encroaching on other nations and territories.  China is set (in my opinion) to be the world's most dominant political power for generations to come with only the United States to counter them.

Australia, Israel, UK, Japan and probably the rest of anything Asian.
Not sure about Europe but they know if the US falls they all fall if not
working together. Russia,? my guess is whoever is winning.


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