What else is there to say. This place at Hamilton Place Mall is great. It is cafeteria style so pick asnd choose. I tried the White Meat Fried chicken, mashed taters and gravy and pinto. Wife had chicken and dumplings, and pinto beans and cornbread. ALL was seasoned perfectly so you did not have to add anything later. The best thing is thier $4.99 meat and 2 specials which includes bread. MAN! I wish Morrisons were still here. MrCharles
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I hated it when Morrison's was absorbed by Piccadilly because I thought Morrison's had the best chopped steaks and fried shrimp as well as some of their pies and desserts. Piccadilly is a very good cafeteria and Chattanooga's location is far better than the Atlanta locations were. Many Cafeteria's have ceased existing. S&W was a good one that went by the way. S&S is a very good "Southern" Cafeteria headquartered in Macon, Georgia but their locations are far reduced from what it was years ago.
I love their fish almadine.
Pickadilly bought out Morrisons (which we had one at the Mall in Florence) and promptly shut it down.
Wife and I ate there at least once a week, often more. I miss it.
I have been to the one in Chatt many times, as well as the one in Huntsville.

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