Plans For Major Tunica Auto Plant Unveiled

Recratican posted:

Whatever happened to this?

This happened:

TUNICA, Miss. — Mississippi's state auditor says an electric car plant that closed before it ever produced a car left taxpayers holding the bag for unfilled promises — and he intends to make them pay.

Stacey Pickering says investing taxpayer dollars in emerging technology like Greentech's electric cars is risky business.

He was skeptical on the day in 2012 when Greentech announced its plans during a celebration that even drew former president Bill Clinton.

"And I'll be honest with you," Pickering said. "On the day when they cranked up those energy-efficient electric cars and blue smoke bellowed out, you knew that this was a sham from the very beginning."

The 350 jobs and $60 million of investment never materialized. In fact, the auditor says, Greentech never ended any year with more than 100 employees.


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